From ‘Babyboy to Snickers,’ here are the handles used by ISIS to radicalise Indian Muslims

New Delhi, May 07: The tacking of the online activity of the Islamic State has been one of the most important jobs for an Intelligence Bureau (IB) official. It is there where the radicalisation takes place and in almost all cases it has been found that a person has joined the Islamic State after being contacted by a handler online.

The Indian agencies tracking the ISIS say that most notorious handle used online is Yusuf al Hindi.

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Decoding the mystery of Yusuf al-Hindi a name that all IS recruits use

sajid1The name Yusuf al-Hindi has cropped up several times on the chat rooms of the Islamic State. The National Investigation Agency has been trying to de-code this name and in the process come up with several names including that of Shafi Armar.

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Islamic State’s ‘kill list’ has 285 Indians: Should we be worried?

Isis members in Aleppo, Syria‘O individual wolves out there in the world kill the cross where ever you find it and Kill them strongly, kill them hardly’. This was a chilling message on the private Telegram channel of the Islamic State United Cyber Caliphate. Interestingly, this was a message was put out before the IS put out a kill list of 4,681 civilians across the world of which 285 were Indians.

The kill list is being examined by the National Investigation Agency. On the face of it, the list appears to be a diversionary tactic. The list of Indians was prepared by Yusuf al-Hindi aka Shafi Armar, the alleged handler of the IS based out of Syria.

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