Tablighi’s have not been super spreaders just in India, but in other parts of the world too

nizamuddin-2New Delhi, Apr 03: Names misspelt or written wrong in the registers. It has become a Herculean task for the agencies to track down the Tablighi Jamaat members, who attended the congregation at Nizamuddin last month.

Officials tracking the case say that the congregations by the Jamaat has created havoc not just in India, but in several other parts of the world as well.

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4,000 blacklisted for engaging in Tablighi activity illegally: Why India needs to do more

maulana-saad1aNew Delhi, Apr 03: Violating visa norms and engaging in Tablighi related activity is nothing new. There have been scores of cases in the past several years, where these persons have come on tourist visas and engaged in Tablighi related activity.

The Tablighi Jamaat is in the news after a large number of its workers were infected with the COVID-19 from foreigners who visited the Markaz in Nizamuddin last month. In fact, the Tablighi has now been dubbed as the super spreader of the virus.

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MHA issues new guidelines for foreigners to fly out of India and Indians to fly in

mha1New Delhi, Apr 03: The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued new Standard Operating Procedures to allow foreigners to leave the country in a chartered flight arranged by their respective nations.

The SOP was issued after several countries approached the Centre for evacuation of their citizens who are quarantined in different parts of the country.

Further the ministry also issued guidelines for the release of Indian citizens quarantined after foreign travel. The MHA said they would be given transit passes to reach their homes. However they will have to bear their own expenses, the MHA further said.

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Former CMs of Jammu and Kashmir have now been rid of their perks

mehbooba-omarNew Delhi, Apr 03: The government has withdrawn privileges and perks to former chief ministers of Jammu and Kashmir. This includes rent free accommodation.

This perk was being availed by former chief ministers, Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and Ghulam Nabi Azad.

How Tablighi Jamaat has become the super spreader of the coronavirus

nizamuddinNew Delhi, Apr 03: Those who attended the Tablighi Jamaat congregation at Nizamuddin in Delhi have been rightly called as the super spreaders of the coronavirus by many. Nearly 65 per cent of the new all India cases are linked to the event that took place in the city.

At least 295 delegates from across the country who had attended the religious congregation at Delhi last month have tested positive, accounting for more than 60 per cent of the 485 confirmed cases across the country recorded till Thursday.

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From Allah will save you to follow government’s guidelines: Maulana Saad does a flip-flop

maulana-saad1aNew Delhi, Apr 02: After telling his followers that Allah will create peace if Muslims stayed back in Mosques, the missing Maulana Saad has now urged his followers to follow the guidelines issued to prevent COVID-19. In the first audio message that he had posted on Markaz YouTube channel, he said, “if we stay in Mosques, Allah will create peace in the world.

The Maulana who is the head of the Nizamuddin Markaz of the Tablighi Jamaat told his followers not to follow the government orders. Stay in the Mosque, and if you think you will die, then there is no better place to die, he also says.

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Plenty of misinformation being spread on foreign donations to PM CARES fund: Govt sources

modi-caresNew Delhi, Apr 02: The government took a decision to accept foreign donations to the PM Cares Fund, which was set up to fight the outbreak of novel coronavirus in India.

Several persons on the social media asked as to how the PM Cares Fund was accepting foreign contributions, when it was not permitted in the case which faced severe floods recently.

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Allah will create peace, stay back in the Mosque, Maulana Saad told his followers

maulana-saadNew Delhi, Apr 02: If we stay in Mosques, Allah will create peace in the world, Mauala Saad the head of the Nizamuddin Markaz of the Tablighi Jamaat told his followers. The Delhi police is now examining an audio clip in which the Maulana is heard telling his followers not to leave the Mosque.

He further tells them not to follow the government orders. Stay in the Mosque, and if you think you will die, then there is no better place to die, he also says.

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10 Indonesians who tested positive met scores of people after Tablighi meet

nizamuddin-2New Delhi, Apr 03: Alarm bells are ringing in Telangana after 10 religious preachers from Indonesia tested positive for the novel coronavirus. These persons had taken part in the Tablighi Jamaat meet at Nizamuddin and reached Ramagundem in Telangana on March 13 by the AP Sampark Kranti Express before testing positive.

All of them were shifted a hospital in Hyderabad by the rapid response team on March 16. By this time they had visited a Mosque in Karimnagar and met with 100s of people.

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Using tourist visas in violation of the norms nothing new for Tablighi Jamaat members

nizamuddin-2New Delhi, Apr 01: The Tablighi Jamaat congregation held this month at Nizamuddin has emerged as one of the top hot spots for the coronavirus.

The government has now learnt that most of those who attended the congregation from abroad had done so while violating visa norms. The government has now said that it would blacklist all those who attended the congregation in violation of the visa norms.

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