15 terrorists involved in killing of non-locals gunned down in J&K so far

New Delhi, Oct 20: The Jammu and Kashmir has killed 15 terrorists since the killing of civilians in the Valley. The police said that the 15 terrorists were killed in 9 encounters.

The police said that following the killing of civilians, 3 out of the 5 terrorists of Srinagar city were killed in less than 24 hours.

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Just a matter of time for 9 day encounter in Rajouri-Poonch jungles to end 

New Delhi, Oct 20: While the encounter between the terrorists and Indian Army continues in the forests of the Rajouri-Poonch sector, the forces are now going in for the final kill. 

The Indian Army has inflicted a lot of damage on the terrorists and sources say that the encounter is likely to end soon with all terrorists being killed. While it was said that the Army gunned down 6 of the 9-10 Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorists, the same is yet to be officially confirmed. 

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Agencies adopt multiple strategies to stop killing of non-Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir 

New Delhi, Oct 20: With the number of civilian killings going up in Jammu and Kashmir the security agencies have adapted multiple strategies to counter the threat.

The state police have strengthened the security grid, while also identifying the groups behind the killings. Protection has been enhanced for non-locals and many have been shifted to shelter camps.

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Indian reps to come face-to-face with Taliban leadership at Moscow today 

New Delhi, Oct 20: The Indian representatives will come face to face with a delegation of the Taliban today during the talks to be held in Moscow. These talks comes a day after the US pulled out of a meeting of the extended troika which was hosted by Moscow on Tuesday. The special representatives from China, Russia and Pakistan took part in the meeting. 

The meeting would bring India face-to-face with the Taliban leadership who have also been invited for the talks. The Taliban had recently taken over Afghanistan following the withdrawal by the US troops. 

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Chinese Star pistols dropped by Pakistan drones largely aiding targeted killings in J&K

New Delhi, Oct 19: The recent spate of killings of non local, non Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir has created an atmosphere of fear. While security agencies continue to crack down on these terrorists, the National Investigation Agency is all set to take up the probe.

The analysis done by the Intelligence agencies suggests that the number of killings have gone up due to the increase in the number of pistols that have been delivered through drones. It has been found that scores of Chinese Star pistols were delivered to the over ground workers of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. This has in fact been a weapon of choice in the recent spate of killings.

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In ongoing Poonch encounter, Indian Army guns down 6 Lashkar terrorists

New Delhi, Oct 19: The Indian Army hit back by gunning down 6 Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorists in an ongoing encounter in the jungles of Rajouri. In all 10 terrorists had infiltrated into the jungles and a gun battle has been on since last week.

The Indian Army lost nine of its men in the ongoing operation. Sources tell OneIndia around 9 to 10 terrorists infiltrated from Pakistan into the jungles of Poonch-Rajouri. They were heavily armed and trained extensively by the Pakistan Army.

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Larger conspiracy into civilian killings in J&K: NIA set to take over probe

New Delhi, Oct 19: With the targeted killing of civilians proving to be part of a larger conspiracy, the National Investigation Agency will take over the probe of the same.

Following a discussion with the officials of the National Investigation Agency, the Director General of the Jammu and Kashmir will write to the Union Home Ministry. Following a nod by the MHA, the NIA will formally take over the probe.

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ISI wants to instil terror in minds of non-Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir

New Delhi, Oct 19: A lesser known group called as the United Liberation Front claimed responsibility of the recent killings of non-Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir.

Last week OneIndia had reported that the ISI backed terrorists had prepared a list of non-Muslims in J&K. A hit list of 150 non-Muslims and non-locals in Jammu and Kashmir and been prepared, sources said.

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Terror group justifies J&K non-local killings citing non-existent anti Muslim incident in Bihar

New Delhi, Oct 18: Days after The Resistance Front claimed responsibility for the killing of non-locals in Jammu and Kashmir, another group has come forward stating that it had carried out the murders.

The group which calls itself the United Liberation Front said that the attacks were carried out as a reprisal while asking the migrant workers in Jammu to leave the region. In a statement circulated on the social media the ULG said that the attack was carried out as a reprisal to what it claimed the lynching of 200 Muslims in Bihar in the last one year by the Hindutva forces.

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Poonch encounter: As battle rages on, suspected logistic providers including lady held

New Delhi, Oct 18: Three locals have been held for questioning ass the encounter in Poonch entered its 7th day. A 45 year old woman was among the three to be held for questioning.

The agencies are questioning the locals after it was suspected that they had provided logistic support to the terrorists involved in the encounter. The woman and her son have been identified as Zarina Akther and Shafait.

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