Taliban refuses to honour women’s rights

New Delhi, Aug 18: While on one hand the Taliban which took over Kabul spoke of a change in approach on the other hand reports are emerging about the Taliban beating up women apart from roaming the streets looking for former government workers.

The New York Post said that in one such incident Taliban fighters in Takhar province shot a woman for not wearing a burqa. The incident was reported on the same day when the Taliban said that they would honour women’s rights.

Advertisements on the streets with women in western clothes were covered in white paint, while men in jeans and T-shirts rushed to change into traditional tunics.

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Why can’t the Sexual Harassment at Workplace law be gender neutral?

By Legal Fighter

Expose: Women and Child Ministry is desperately trying to get an anti-male extortionary bill passed despite severe opposition from the country regarding the same.

Men’s Rights Organizations, representing more than 50% of the population of the country have already highlighted the unconstitutional nature of the proposed bill for sexual harassment at workplace.

Crucial Points:

  1. Based on presentations made by men’s rights organizations, The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources Development had also recommended that the law should be made gender neutral and men must be provided protection, at par with women.
  2. We fail to understand the problem in making the law gender neutral, for, if women don’t harass men, then there would be no complaints filed against them or very less complaints filed against them.
  3. There are already so many sections in the IPC that cater to sexual harassment and indecent representation of women. But this law is not being made to provide justice. It is being created just to make another channel of extortion from men by blackmailing them.
  4. It is ironical that the Government of India is ready to provide protection to men from sexual assault but not from sexual harassment.
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