How the MLAs spent during the West Bengal elections: A breakdown

New Delhi, Aug 26: Out of the 291 MLAs, 51 declared election expenses of less than 50 per cent limit in their constituency during the West Bengal Assembly elections. 

Based on the election expense declarations of 291 MLAs from West Bengal Assembly, the average amount of money spent by them in the elections is Rs 20.58 lakhs, which is 67% of the expense limit, a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms said.

The party wise average election expenses shows that the average spending for 212 MLAs from AITC is Rs 21.45 lakhs (69.7% of the expense limit) and the average election expenditure for 77 MLAs from BJP is Rs.18.44 lakhs (59.9% of the expense limit).

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As polls near in Bengal, agencies shift focus to India’s fake currency hub, Malda

New Delhi, Mar 03: The fact that in 2013-2014 alone, Malda in West Bengal pushed Rs 1,500 crore worth fake currency itself suggests the magnitude of the problem.

Not much has changed and Malda according to officers in the National Investigation Agency is the primary hub for the racket. 

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Just 10 per cent of candidates in West Bengal are women

mamata-banerjee1AFPKolkata, May 4: Just 10 per cent of the candidates contesting the elections in West Bengal ruled by a lady herself are women.

TMC confident of victory in Nandigram Out of the 1,960 candidates contesting the elections in all the phases, only 198 or 10 per cent are women, the West Bengal Election Watch says in its report.

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WB polls- Cong has most criminal candidates

The Indian National Congress will go to the polls in West Bengal with 10 candidates who have pending criminal cases against them. A report prepared by the West Bengal Election Watch states that it has analyzed a total of 253 candidates so far in the first phase and in all there are 49 candidates out of the 253 analyzed, (i.e. about 19.37 %) who have criminal cases pending against.
Out of the 49 candidates analyzed with pending criminal cases, 27 have declared pending serious criminal cases like murder, attempt to murder, theft, extortion etc. on them.
All major parties analyzed have given tickets to candidates with criminal backgrounds. INC has 10 candidates out of 27 analyzed (37 %), CPI(M) has 8 out of 32 (25 %), BJP has 8 out of 48 (16.7%), SUCI has 5 out of 9 (55.6 %) and AITC has 4 out of 26 (15.4%) candidates analyzed with pending criminal cases.
All major parties have also given tickets to candidates with serious pending criminal cases like murder, attempt to murder, theft, and extortion etc. in the first phase of West Bengal 2011 Assembly Elections. Of the candidates analyzed, CPI (M) and INC each has 5, BJP has 4, AIFB has 3, AITC and GJM each has 2 such candidates.
The report also goes on to state that there are 9 crorepati candidates in the fray with the richest one being worth Rs 2 crore. In addition to this it also states that a total of 143 candidates (57 %) have declared that they have never filed income tax returns.
Krishnendu Narayan Choudhury of the Congress from the English Bazar constituency has the most number of cases (6) pending against him.
Ali Imran Ramz of the AIFB from the Chakulia constituency has 3 cases pending against him. Udayan Guha of the same party also has 3 cases pending against him.
Prafulla Chandra Sarkar of the BJP and Abdur Rehman Boxi of the RSP have two cases each pending against them.
The richest candidate in the first phase is Sukhi Bilas Barma of the Indian National Congress who is valued at Rs 2 crore. Sankar Malakar also of the Congress is second with Rs 1 crore assets. Kiranmoy Nanda of the SP, Udaya N Guha of the AIFB and Subas of the INC are next in line in this list with assets of Rs 1 crore.
Asif Sarkar of the BJP has no assets while Mukthar Ahmed of the SUCI has assets worth Rs 500.