How to download Aadhaar Card online: Watch video here

New Delhi, July 02: Do you want to download your Aadhaar Card online. Do not worry, there is a solution here. The Unique Identification Authority of India has released a direct link to download the same. 

In a tweet, UIDAI said, ” download your Aadhaar from anytime anywhere. You can choose to download Regular Aadhaar that displays the complete Aadhaar number or Masked Aadhaar, which only shows the last four digits. UIADAI has also shared a video on how to download Aadhaar online. 

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UIDAI- IB wants to do a background check

aadhar_1336507fThere appears to be more trouble ahead for the ambitious Aadhar project of the government with the Intelligence Bureau telling the government that it wants to run background checks of those working at the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) especially at Jammu and Kashmir and also the North Eastern states which are troubled by terror. Continue reading “UIDAI- IB wants to do a background check”

Aadhaar-Is it the end of the road?

adharThe implementation of the Aadhaar scheme is in trouble following the Supreme Court’s interim directive that states that the card is not mandatory. The Supreme Court had passed this order on a batch of petitions that stated that the scheme is an infringement on fundamental rights.

This ambitious programme by the government which was introduced in the first place as a security measure appears to have defeated the purpose as there are complaints that it has been issued to persons without legal papers or proper documentation. Continue reading “Aadhaar-Is it the end of the road?”