Will the COVID-19 lockdown be extended: Here is what to expect

lockdown-33New Delhi, May 28: A lockdown 4.0 comes close to an end, the government is working out measures to face the challenge ahead of May 31. Testing will be further ramped up and stringent curbs could be imposed in some cities, which have been reporting a high number of cases.

While there would substantial easing of curbs in many parts of the countries, those areas which are reporting a high number of cases could be further contained.

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India better placed in fight against COVID 19: Here is why

covid-testingNew Delhi, Apr 16: India has conducted 2,17,554 COVID-19 related tests when compared to the 1,39,878 conducted in the United States of America. The United Kingdom has conducted 1,13,777 tests while in the case of Canada it is 2,95,065.

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