Crackdown on Kashmir separatists: NIA registers PE into funding from Pak

geelaniThe National Investigation Agency has registered a preliminary enquiry into the funding of Hurriyat Conference leaders, S A S Geelani, Naeem Khan and other. The NIA noted that funds were coming in from Pakistan to fuel the unrest in Kashmir and hence an enquiry has been registered.

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Retired Pak army brigadier masterminds terror funding through cross-border trade

terorA retired brigadier of the Pakistan army has been appointed to oversee the funding of terrorism through cross-border trade. NIA sources say that the retired army officer has identified 667 traders through whom the funds are being raised. The officer has been identified as Brigadier Ahmed Iqbal, sources say.

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Government organisations in Nagaland funded terror groups says NIA

nscnKohima, Jan 18: The National Investigation Agency conducted several searches in Nagaland government departments and found numerous documents which showed fund transfers from departments to outfits such as the NSCN(K) and other groups.

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How California almonds funded terror in Jammu and Kashmir

Bowl full of almonds

Bowl full of almonds

Srinagar, Dec 22: The National Investigation Agency on Wednesday said that it is probing large scale transfer of funds from Pakistan to India through the import of California almonds (badam giri).

The NIA also said that it had learnt that the import was taking place at the trade facilitation centres. A probe was launched as it was found that the money raised through this mechanism was being used to fund terror.

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Terror funding: Punjab’s drug mafia alone is worth Rs 60,000 crore

drugsNew Delhi, April 21: Finance Minister of India, Arun Jaitley in his special address to the United Nations spoke about the drug mafia and terrorist nexus.
He said that there is an urgent need to disrupt the financial flow and there is a clear nexus between the drug mafia and the terrorist groups. It is a well known fact that terrorist groups survive on the money earned through drug trade.
Dawood Ibrahim in fact has to compulsorily cough up a portion of his income from the drug trade to fund terrorist networks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Crowd-funding advertisements could be the next terror fund raiser

New Delhi, Oct 24: Crowd-funding advertisements pose a major security risk and could be the path to terror funding in the days to come. Crowd-funding advertisements placed in thematic websites and in private messages could fund terror activities online says a report by the Financial Action Task Force.
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Rs 10,595 cr blood money sponsors terror against India

The black money issue has been making headlines ever since the Government of India showed interest in bringing back the millions stashed away abroad. While the list of persons who have stashed black money away abroad involve businessmen, sports personalities, actors and politicians, one must not forget the blood money that is kept in the same banks by terrorists too.

2.4 trillion dollars is what terrorists and drug lords have parked abroad as per the reports of the United Nations. While this is a global figure, a rough estimate prepared by the Financial Intelligence Unit of India would show that Pakistan based terrorists and drug lords with a specific intent of funding terror against India have parked around Rs 10595 crore in banks abroad.

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SIMI’s millions

India-Financing-Terror-300x300A major investigation to be conducted jointly by the Madhya Pradesh and Delhi police along with the Intelligence Bureau into the activities of the Students Islamic Movement of India is all set to commence. The prime aspect of this investigation would be to find out where the 20 million dollars that was sanctioned for the SIMI and IM has been parked. In addition to this the agencies would also look to get clues on the revival plans of the SIMI and the talk is that with the possibility of a BJP government in Delhi, the resolve of the SIMI could have become only stronger.

All of the 20 million dollars that has been collected has been done through a legitimate method. All the money has reached a charity organisation in Jammu and Kashmir and is being distributed. It is a case of legitimate money being received and being spent illegitimately, the Intelligence Bureau points out.

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Skin terror- A sad sacrifice

DSC_8237-terrorist-financing-topic-photo-300x200An interesting report emerged out of Pakistan in which it was stated that volunteers of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa were collecting skins across the country after Eid al-Adha. The JuD which is a front for the dreaded Lashkar-e-Tayiba is said to be selling the skin collected after the Feast of Sacrifice and selling it in a bid to raise funds which obviously goes into terrorism.

In Pakistan alone this week, 5 million sheep and 1 million cows were slaughtered ahead of Eid al-Adha. Following this the volunteers of the JuD launched a massive drive to collect the hide of the slaughtered animals as is being done every year. The JuD which has a lot of sympathisers collect the hide with a great deal of ease. They use children and youth who go door to door who in turn pick up the skin and bring it to an auction. While the skin of the cow is sold at Rs 50 dollars the sheep skin goes 7 dollars. This money is pocketed directly by the JuD and reports that have emerged from Pakistan would suggest that the money is pumped into the activities of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba which is a designated terrorist outfit. Continue reading

Mujahideen regiment depends on skin trade


The Pakistan army has set up a massive regiment which it assists against its war on India. Depending largely on the money that is generated through skin trade and drug smuggling this regiment of 30000 fights for the Pakistan army in India, states a report of the military intelligence bureau.

During each of these operations which involved 5 terrorists or less, two officers of the Pakistan army always accompany them. The army officers who train these terrorists in the first place are the ones who read the logistic and even give the command for an attack. During the duration of the attack, the army officers are constantly in touch with the army base in Pakistan who offer instructions. This report of the military intelligence confirms beyond doubt that officers of the Pakistan army are physically present during every attack in the Valley.

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