Kerala women fall prey in global trafficking through Kuwait

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New Delhi, Jun 20: An overseas job recruitment and the terror links to it have come to light after a few young women from Kerala recounted their horrors. Several young women managed to escape the racket and returned to Kerala.

Preliminary investigations have shown that the racket is based in Kuwait and under the pretext of job recruitment over 100 women have been trafficked. It has come to light that the women were promised baby-sitter jobs, a free visa, flight tickets and a salary of Rs 60,000.

The women who bit the bait would be taken to Kuwait and then sold off to overseas families. It was also found that the women who resisted were taken to Syria and then sold off to the Islamic State.

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ISIS Kerala module tried setting up ops in Kashmir to make up for lost ground in Syria/Iraq

New Delhi, Aug 05: The decline of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq led to some operatives looking for a happy hunting ground in Jammu and Kashmir.

This was revealed during the raids conducted by the NIA at five locations in Jammu and Kashmir and Karnataka. The NIA also arrested four operatives of the ISIS Kerala module.

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Desperate ISIS terrorist from Kerala who attempted to reach Syria twice sentenced

New Delhi, Jan 08: An ISIS terrorist has been sentenced to seven years in jail by a special National Investigation Agency court in New Delhi.

Shajahan Velluva Kandy a resident of Kannur is a member of proscribed international terrorist organisation ISIS. He had associated himself with ISIS with the intention of furthering its activities. 

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Bank analyst, rice merchant and how they used Quran Circle to further ISIS in Bengaluru

New Delhi, Oct 09: The investigations conducted by the National Investigation Agency has revealed that the two arrested persons from Bengaluru and Tamil Nadu had set up a group called the Quran Circle. This group was used to radicalise gullible Muslim youth in Bengaluru.

Further the probe revealed that the group was also used to raise funds to sponsor the visit of these radicalised youth to Syria where they were supposed to assist the Islamic State terrorists. 

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Bengaluru youth who joined ISIS suspected to have been killed in Syria

New Delhi, Sep 14: A Bengaluru based youth who had joined the Islamic State has reportedly died in Syria. This revelation was made by a doctor recently arrested by the National Investigation Agency.

He said that Faiz Masood had died in Syria. Masood had left the country seven years back to join the ISIS. 

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A secret trip to an ISIS medical camp in Syria changed the course for this Bengaluru doctor

Dr Abdur Rahman

New Delhi, Aug 22: It was a trip to Syria that made the change for the Bengaluru doctor who was arrested by the National Investigation Agency in connection with the Islamic State Khorasan Province case.

Dr. Abdur Rehman was arrested last week from Bengaluru and taken to New Delhi by the NIA on Friday on a transit remand. Rehman had travelled to Dubai along with two of his friends. He had obtained a six month UAE visa, following which he travelled to Dubai.

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Why Kerala must be on guard for the silent returnees of the Islamic State

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480New Delhi, May 02: Post the attacks in Sri Lanka, the government confirmed that several elite Muslims had in fact joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and subsequently returned.

However they remained in the open with earning the wrath of the law as the country has no provision to act against such persons. When the Islamic State fell in his strongholds, a message was issued by the outfit chief, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He went on to say that now the fighters should return to their homeland and carry out attacks there.