ISIS chief Baghdadi Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is dead

donaldtrumpNew Delhi, Oct 27: Islamic State chief Abu Bakr Al Bhagdadi is dead. US President Donald Trump confirmed that Baghdadi had beem killed in US action at Syria.

Trump had earlier said that something big has happened. Trump is expected to make a statement soon.

ISIS chief Baghdadi said to be killed in US strike

abu-bakr al-baghdadi

New Delhi, Oct 27: The United States has carried out a major operation targeting Islamic State chief Abu Bakr Al Bhagdadi.

US President Donald Trump said that something big has happened. Trump is expected to make a statement soon.

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Why Kerala must be on guard for the silent returnees of the Islamic State

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480New Delhi, May 02: Post the attacks in Sri Lanka, the government confirmed that several elite Muslims had in fact joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and subsequently returned.

However they remained in the open with earning the wrath of the law as the country has no provision to act against such persons. When the Islamic State fell in his strongholds, a message was issued by the outfit chief, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He went on to say that now the fighters should return to their homeland and carry out attacks there.

Bhatkal’s Armar brothers who ran the Indian Islamic State confirmed dead

New Delhi, Mar 26: After various rounds, it has finally been confirmed that the dreaded Shafi Armar had died. Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that Armar had died in Syria in 2015 itself.

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The ISIS is dead, but more dangerous and India has plenty to worry

isisnewNew Delhi, July 11: Chaos coupled with assassinations is what the Islamic State is planning in a bid to make its comeback. Intelligence agencies across the world had warned that once the ISIS loses ground in Syria and Iraq, it would prove to be a menace in other parts of the world.

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Kerala sex slaves of the ISIS case: NIA begins probe

The National Investigation Agency will probe a case of alleged forcible conversion of a Kerala woman. The lady had alleged that she was forcibly converted, tricked into marriage following which her husband attempted to sell her off as a sex slave in Syria.

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Kerala: Plot to sell woman forcibly converted to Islam as sex slave in Syria busted

sexslaveThere has been further confirmation of how forced religious conversions are linked to terrorism. The Kerala police have arrested two persons Fayaz and Siyad on charges of helping a Muslim man convert a woman and attempting to take her Syria and sold off to the Islamic State.

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In revenge strike, ISIS killed 116 in Syria


In a revenge attack the Islamic State killed at least 116 people in Syria. The killings were undertaken as these persons were suspected of collaborating with the Syrian regime in Al-Qaryatain. “IS has over a period of 20 days executed at least 116 civilians in reprisal killings, accusing them of collaboration with regime forces,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor.

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Who is Abu Yusuf al-Hindi alias Shafi Armar, Bhatkal’s ISIS man killed in Syria

shafiarmarThe Islamic State declared that Abu Yusuf al-Hindi alias Shafi Armar a resident of Bhatkal was killed in Syria’s Raqqa area. While Indian Intelligence agencies are yet to confirm the news of his death, a similar incident has been reported a few months back.

terFor India, Armar, the brother of Sultan Armar who was also killed in Syria is a prized catch. He is the recruiter-in-chief for the ISIS in India. He was recently declared a global terrorist by the United States of America.

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‘Bahrain circle’ case: Five from Kerala killed in ISIS’ Syria territory

isisflagThe Intelligence Bureau has found that five from Kerala had been killed while fighting for the Islamic State in Kerala. The five hailed from the Malabar region and were killed four months back, an Intelligence Bureau report said. The first news came out when the relatives of Sibi from Kanjikkode in Palakkad were told about his death. The family were under the impression that he was working in Bahrain. Later on the IB found that he was linked to Yahya alias Esa who had joined the ISIS in July 2016.

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