Terrorists and politicians


‎Are some politicians linked to terrorists? If a terrorist is known to a politician does that mean he has a direct link with the activities of a terrorist organisation?
In West Bengal the Intelligence Bureau has very often complained about a political party doling out support to the Jammat-ul-Islami and the Chattra Shabir. In Kerala political outfits are accused of being kind of some radical members of the SIMI where as in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar it would be the Indian Mujahideen and in Hyderabad the HuJI.

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Political patronage, terror and failure

Pic: Ibnlive
Pic: Ibnlive

The investigation into the Dilsukhnagar could be taken as a case study for the agencies handling all cases relating to terrorism. The two admissions- one by the government and another by an accused in the case would go on to display the pathetic state of affairs that exist while handling terrorism in India.

A report of the Home Ministry on the Hyderabad blasts case of February clearly admits to several lapses, the main being the lack of coordination between the various agencies before and after the attack. In this backdrop also comes the confession of one of the accused in the case, Syed Maqbool who clearly states that they were able to go about their job thanks to political patronage that they enjoyed.

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Appeasement helps IM go global

im1The National Investigation Agency will seek help from the security agencies in Bangladesh for more clues into the Bodhgaya terror strike in which 10 bombs exploded. NIA officials say that they have intimated both the Intelligence Bureau and the Research and Analysis Wing to seek more information from Bangladesh regarding the operational capabilities of an outfit by the name Hizbut Tahrir which since the past three years has been working closely with the Indian Mujahideen.

The story of the IM-HT nexus dates back to the year 2010 when the Darabanga and West Bengal modules of the Indian Mujahideen were being set up and getting ready for activation. With the IM- Lashkar-e-Tayiba nexus splashed around all across the globe, the ISI forged a relationship with the HT and the outfit was directed to work with the IM in India. Continue reading “Appeasement helps IM go global”

Indian Mujahideen’s heaven offer

India-Mujahideen“Joining the Indian Mujahideen will take us all to heaven is what we were told.” This is a statement made by Syed Maqbool, an accused in the Hyderabad twin blasts to the National Investigation Agency during his questioning.

The NIA which has been groping in the dark regarding the investigation into the Hyderabad attack is trying to make inroads through various rounds of questioning. Maqbool however has spoken in generally about the Hyderabad blasts and he has been very clear that he has nothing more to add other than the fact that he along with Imran had receed Dilsukhnagar.

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Manzar Imam- An important catch?

The arrest of Manzar Imam, resident of Ranchi appears to have brightened the prospects of the National Investigation Agency which is trying hard to crack the network which carried out the Hyderabad blasts.

Agencies have been on the look out for Imam who has had at least 15 warrants against him. He has been accused of being involved in both the Ahmedabad serial blasts case and also the 13/7 serial blasts case. His arrest comes in the wake of the questioning of Syed Maqbool one of the accused in the Hyderabad blasts case.

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The 2 lakh hawala transaction for the Hyderabad blasts

Pic: www.ndtv.com
Pic: http://www.ndtv.com

A hawala transaction from the Al Quasis industrial area in Dubai to Hyderabad a week before the twin blasts is a subject matter of investigation today. Officials in the National Investigation Agency informed rediff.com that this is a suspicious transaction that was made through a hawala channel and was used to carry out the Hyderabad twin blasts. Continue reading “The 2 lakh hawala transaction for the Hyderabad blasts”

3 SIMI men detained

20130224-122156.jpgThe Hyderabad police has detained three activists of the Students Islamic Movement of India in connection with the twin blasts. The police have also sent the CCTV footage obtained from the blast site to the Gujarat forensic sciences laboratory. Continue reading “3 SIMI men detained”

Maqbool-The IM-Lashkar link?

Pic: IBNLive
Pic: IBNLive

The linking of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and the Indian Mujahideen to the Hyderabad blasts could be found in the manner in which one of the key accused Syed Maqbool was brought into the picture.

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