Why are Indian terrorists faking their deaths: link

isiscadreThe Intelligence Bureau has learnt that most of the operatives alleged to have joined the ISIS may have faked their death to reduce the heat on them. The likes of Shafi Armar and his brother Sultan were proclaimed dead in air strikes at Syria. While the news emerged first out of Syria and the social media accounts of the ISIS, till date there has not been an independent confirmation of the same.
Barring the glowing tributes on the social media, photographs of the the bodies of the deceased have never been put out on the social media. In both cases of Shafi and Sultan who are believed to be recruiting Indians into the ISIS, it was claimed that they were killed in an air strike.

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IM in India- Aakas in Pakistan

Pic:From Left: Riyaz Bhatkal, Yasin Bhatkal, Asadullah Akhtar
Pic:From Left: Riyaz Bhatkal, Yasin Bhatkal, Asadullah Akhtar

The Indian Mujahideen suffered a major blow a month back when its tallest leader, Yasin Bhatkal was arrested. Not only was Yasin arrested, but with him the agencies managed to take in Assadullah Akthar who too had become a major player in the outfit.

If the agencies are able to ascertain that it was the Indian Mujahideen that carried out the Patna blasts, then it would be interesting to see how the entire command structure of the outfit continues to work.

It would be safe to mention here that a majority of the brains behind this outfit are either in Pakistan and India. The think tanks are in Pakistan while the ground level operatives continue to hover around various states of India orchestrating horrific blasts.

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