Congress has proven, more things change, more things remain the same

soniarahulNew Delhi, Aug 27: The Congress faced yet another crisis after 23 senior sought for an introspection.

A stormy meeting of the Congress Working Committee was held and Sonia Gandhi was asked to continue as the interim president until a new leader is elected. Is the crisis over or is there is more to come?

OneIndia caught up with leading psephologist, Dr. Sandeep Shastri to discuss the issue.

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PLFI extortion: NIA arrests key accused in Jharkhand

NIA-33New Delhi, July 14: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested an accused in the PLFI terror funding case in Jharkhand. The accused has been identified as Fuleshwar Gope. The case pertains to the seizure of Rs.25.38 lakh, belonging to Dinesh Gope, Chief of PLFI (People’s Liberation of India), which were about to be deposited in SBI, Branch Bero, Ranchi in 2016.

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With 85:15 ratio, Centre explains to Sonia Gandhi about subsidy for migrant trains

migrant-workers-newNew Delhi, May 04: The Centre has issued a strong rebuttal after Congress president Sonia Gandhi went on the offensive with the manner in which the stranded migrants were being handled.

The railways said that they were charging the state governments just 15 per cent of the calculated train fare for the special trains and it was stated to bear this cost or get the migrant worker to pay.

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Was it Pawar or Sonia who halted the Shiv Sena at the last minute

congress-ss-ncpNew Delhi, Nov 13: The Shiv Sena sounded confident when the Governor invited the party to form the government in Maharashtra.

However towards the end of the day, the body language of all the Sena leaders had changed and the party was unable to form the government as it did not get letters of support from either the Congress or NCP.

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Sonia, Political, AP and Fam: Here is what James Michel will help CBI decode

New Delhi, Dec 6: ” Dear Peter, since Mrs Gandhi is the driving force behind VIP will no longer fly in the MI-18. Mrs Gandhi and her closest advisers are the people who the British ambassador should target. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh obviously main figure, then there is secretary Ahmad Patel.”
This was a letter allegedly written by extradited middleman, James Christian Michel to Peter Hulet, then India region sales and liaison head of AgustaWestland.

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What prompted Congress to launch Sonia into the Karnataka election fray

soniaThe entry of Sonia Gandhi into the election fray in Karnataka was a last minute decision by the Congress. Sonia addressed a rally at Vijaypura on Tuesday, her first in two years. The last minute decision was taken after it was found that Narendra Modi had seized the advantage from Siddaramaiah following his whirlwind tour of the state.

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As Karnataka campaign comes to a close, Congress set to launch big-wigs

congressThe big-wigs from the Congress are set to storm Karnataka. Sonia Gandhi would address her first rally in two years while the former prime minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh will address the media at Bengaluru today.

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Shield Tehelka financiers, Sonia told Chidambaram claims book by Jaya Jaitly

soniaCongress president, Sonia Gandhi has been accused of having a hand in the Tehelka sting, “Operation West End.” This allegation was made by former Samata party president, Jaya Jaitly.

The operation led to the resignation of George Fernandes as the defence minister. She also alleged that when the UPA was in power, Sonia Gandhi had asked then Finance Minister, P Chidambaram to ensure that Tehelka’s alleged financiers are not treated in an “unfair” or “unjust” manner.

Sonia Gandhi’s SPG Commando, who went missing traced in Delhi

soniaspg‘An SPG Commando part of Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s security who had gone missing since September 3, was traced to a relative’s house near Tughlaq Road on Wednesday.

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After the Rahul-Chinese envoy embarrassment, Sonia put her men in charge

rahulThe denial about meeting with the Chinese envoy and then accepting it has only made many wonder what was Rahul Gandhi being so secretive about. It was a major communication blunder about Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with the Chinese envoy. At first Rahul’s army declared the news as fake. The Chinese website went on to take out the link. After this the Congress came out and confirmed that Rahul had indeed met with the Chinese envoy.

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