India to conduct first trilateral naval exercise with Singapore, Thailand

IndianNavyNew Delhi, Sep 09: For the first time India will join hands with Thailand and Singapore to conduct a trilateral naval exercise between September 16 and 20. The exercise would be conducted in the Andaman Sea.

This is a major development and India is hoping that next year Malaysia and Indonesia would join in, thus making it a multilateral exercise. The exercise is aimed at ensuring a free shipping flow through the Malacca Straits.

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How the ISIS operates in Singapore

isisnewNew Delhi, May 4: The arrest of 13 Bangladeshis in Singapore for their alleged ISIS connections is a grim reminder that the outfit continues to use this country as a happy hunting ground.
Singapore has been a favoured route for many operatives wanting to join the ISIS and India too saw one of its citizens vanish from the radar after he made his way to the ISIS through Singapore.

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South India to Syria Jihad via Singapore

syriaIt all started‎ at the Paranagipettai village in Tamil Nadu. Known for its scenic beauty this scenic coastal village near Cuddalore is today called the place from where Haja Fakruddin hails. He had called his parents seven months back and all he said that his dream had been fulfilled and he has reached the land of Allah. Haja has been tracked to Syria and is a full time fighter for the ISIS.

Haja’s entry into the ISIS inspired many Indians. He was the first one from India to join the ISIS and today the number of Indian militants in the ISIS is a confirmed 80.

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When netas and terrorists launder money together

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Very recently a politician who was about to lose face parked a large amount of money in a bank at Mauritius. A confidential document to this effect goes on to show that post wiki leaks and the Swiss bank fiasco, a lot of the money transaction has shifted to banks in Mauritius. The bigger worry however is where there is black money terror always follows.

Mauritius is becoming a hot bed for illegal money and this is more to do with the fact that some of the banks over there have become extremely liberal. It all started with terror groups parking funds in benami names and now this has attracted money launders as well. A report by the International Monetary Fund too goes on to state that the Mauritius is becoming more global and hence the risk of laundering too has increased.

Indian Intelligence Bureau officials say that there is a great deal of investment that is being found in this country and it has become very difficult to track the original source of the income. People have been found to be investing money in the names of their brothers or distant relatives and hence the trail become extremely difficult unless and until there is proper assistance from the officials of that country.

Even terrorist organisations who are supported by the well established Dawood network have been investing in a great deal of property in Mauritius. Trails of these investments can also be found in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

Investigators have found it difficult to track the money since there is a lot of mixed funding that could be found in these countries. Investigators also do not rule out the nexus between some terror groups and politicians who have used these countries as a safe parking ground for their funds. There is a need to thoroughly investigate these cases and also bifurcate between the two forms of money that is being parked over here.

The Indian IB says that there is a need to scrutinise the banks or financial institutions in particular since these can lead us up to the trail. They have become extremely liberal in nature and according to the confidential document these institutions have been offering various sops so that parking the money becomes extremely easy. Interest rates of over 20 per cent, very little questioning and documentation have made parking of illegal money very easy. Moreover they are favouring investments from non residents and there is no proper track record of those who have been laundering the money in case the need for proper documentation to track the trail arises.

For the Intelligence Bureau the bigger headache has however been the parking of terror funds in these countries. There is a steep increase of funds in the past couple of years and it is going un noticed by the government over there. The international community has not yet woken up to this grave issue like how they have done in the case of the Swiss bank and until there is a proper awareness the issue is likely to remain unresolved for many years.

While India claims that it needs to support of the international community in resolving this menace, the rest of the world feels that a lot of money that is being pumped into this country is done through the underworld and the drug cartel operating out of India. The international community states that the money that is being raised through these operations is used directly to fund terror. The hawala remittance where India is concerned has been notorious in Kerala. However there are trails to show that such money is also being pumped into Mauritius as they find it to be safer over there.

There are various reports which show that in the past three years the hawala transactions into these countries pumped in by the Underworld/drug cartel and kin of politicians amounts to nearly Rs 2000 crore. All this money according to the report was initially shown as an investment from India, but mysteriously vanished once it reached these tax havens.

The Indian Intelligence Bureau says that there is a clear bifurcation in the manner in which these terror groups have been working. They have undoubtedly been using these tax havens to park their funds, but have ensured that none of their modules have been operating out of these places. It is a deliberate ploy on their part since they too are aware that they cannot afford to have so much heat in one particular country.

A group such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba has very safely installed its modules in countries such as Nepal and Maldives and they use the funds from these tax havens to carry forth their activitiy. In fact in a country such as Maldives they have managed to stake a control over the 300 odd isolated islands and their bases are being set up at a very quick pace. It is still a virgin module in Maldives and they would only use it against India when the time comes. These modules are building up slowly and today they have over a 1000 operatives at their disposal.

The worry is that they are facing no problem when raising of funds is concerned. Earlier the money raised through the drug trade and also counterfeiting was in circulation within India. However with the noose a bit tight today they have begun parking their money in these tax havens, which is surely a cause for concern for India.

India has its task cut out since any form of such activity does tend to affect us first. It is a constant cat and mouse game and there is a need to be alert at all times since terror groups have been adopting newer methods all the time. Moreover to make matters worse some of the politicians too have been using these tax havens and this gives them automatic protection since the policy to track such money becomes weak thanks to the high profile personalities involved in this money laundering racket.

D Files

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The 56 year old Dawood Ibrahim is the number two man on the world wide list of the most wanted men. India too put out a list and stated very clearly that the man is hiding in Pakistan and is wanted for several offences in India and also other parts of the world.

Ever since the name of Dawood Ibrahim who goes by 23 aliases started making the rounds post Osama Bin Laden, there has been an argument of sorts between India and Pakistan over his whereabouts. Pakistan clearly denies that he lives in their country while India argues that he can be no other place but there.

The intelligence bureau has now prepared a fresh dossier on Dawood Ibrahim and the same has been handed over to the CIA which is also gunning for the man allegedly. IB sources say that the case of Dawood is not all that simple and Pakistan would do everything under the sun to keep him protected since he is the biggest funder for all terrorist activities and if his empire does go down then it is almost curtains for the funds in Pakistan.

Dawood’s exact address as per the Indian dossier is White House, Near Saudi Mosque, Clifton, House No 37, 30th Street, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan. While this address has been mentioned on his dossier, there are various terrorists who have been caught in India and during their interrogation have confirmed the address. They have gone on to tell investigating agencies his house is like a fort and is guarded very heavily by members of the Pakistan army and the ISI.

The Indian Intelligence Bureau says that getting their hands on Dawood Ibrahim will not be an easy task since the ISI will take all precautions to move him out of hiding. When the heat was extremely high on him in the year 2006, the ISI moved him to Wazirstan. Today when the Pakistan government itself claims that he is not there, there is every chance that they are buying time to move him out. The IB says that alerts have been sounded against Dawood and the place to keep a watch is Jeddah. He has a safe haven in Jeddah and is capable of moving there, IB sources also add.

Moreover Dawood is not closely associated only with the ISI, but does have very strong connections in Singapore, Bangkok and also Malaysia. Hence according to the security agencies, it will not be hard for Dawood to find shelter in any of these places.

Currently every move of Dawood Ibrahim is being closely monitored by most agencies in the world and as of now, he continues to be in Pakistan and has not budged, although the Pakistan denies his existence on their soil. However Pakistan will do everything to justify their statement and will for sure move him out of their soil for the time being at least.

The IB says that there is enough and more proof of his existence in Pakistan at the moment. His passport details H 123259 and G-869537 issued in the year 2001 have been issued by the Rawalpindi passport office. There is no further update on his passport details as per the latest dossier which itself is an indication that he is still in Pakistan.

The IB clearly believes that the ISI and the Pakistan establishment will bend over backwards to protect him. He is a utility for them in many ways. He brings in the funds through his drug trade and fake currency racket. He has dedicated routes in Nepal, Bangkok, India, Malaysia, Kenya and also Singapore. These routes are used by the terror groups now to transport arms and ammunition which are later used for terrorist activities.

A source in the Indian wing of the Interpol says that catching Dawood Ibrahim alive is the best possible option since the magnitude of the information he would have on him will be truly astonishing. While he can give out details about the subversive activities that he has carried out with the ISI, the more crucial part would be his strong Indian links which are still very much present. His association with some big wigs in the political scene and also the local links through which he carries out match fixing and also extortions will all be very useful for India, the source also pointed out.