Mamata Banerjee flies high despite Saradha, Burdwan or Narada

mamataMany would have expected that Saradha scam would have brought down the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal. However Saradha or the Narada sting has had no impact and Mamata Banerjee clearly appears to be returning to power. Many had predicted as early as March 2016 that the TMC would take at least 184 seats in West Bengal and current trends show that the party is leading ins 75 seats.

The Saradha scam or the Narada sting operation could not dent Mamata Banerjee as she is considered to be a popular leader. The people vote for her as they are impressed with their leadership, experts point out. Many tried to pin her down by hurling allegations about the manner in which law and order of maintained. In this context one must bring up the infamous Burdwan incident too.

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Saradha: Turf war between ED and SEBI

01saradha2Kolkata, Sept 29: The decision by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to attach 134 properties of the Saradha realty has led to the Enforcement Directorate raising several questions.

The Enforcement Directorate which is also probing the Saradha scam says that most of the properties have already been attached by them and this order of the SEBI is leading to confusion.

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Saradha scam: Mithun Chakraborty returns Rs 1.19 crore to ED

   Mithun Chakraborty, actor and politician has returned Rs 1.19 crore that was paid to him by the Saradha group for hosting a political chat show. Mithun, TMC MP in the Rajya Sabha, who had been questioned by the Enforcement Directorate in connection with the Saradha scam has assured that he would return the money.

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Bangladesh infiltrators: Bengal will be eaten up by the Frankenstein it created

banglaThe issue of infiltration from Bangladesh is a huge matter of concern and with the kind of fanaticism that is growing there the day is not too far when there will be a major spill over in India.
It is very hard to put a number to the Bangladeshis who infiltrate into India. While many have come in search of food and jobs, there is a flip side to this tale and that is it is creating a dirty dark world of crime.
Saradha, Burdwan and now the nun rape case. Each one of these major crimes have a Bangladesh link to it and it is the infiltration and the deep rooted connections that some politicians from West Bengal have which led to the crime syndicate in Bangladesh operating with ease in India.

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Saradha- Mukul Roy wants the truth to come out

Kolkata, Jan 30: Senior TMC leader Mukul Roy who was questioned for over 5 hours today by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in connection with the Saradha scam was extremely cooperative and showed intent that he wanted the truth to prevail, an officer informed. Roy was coopertive and has assured the CBI of all cooperation and even said he could be called in anytime for questioning, according to an officer of the agency. When he came out he told reporters that all he wanted was for the truth to come out and would do nothing to hamper the probe.
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ED orders freeze on Bose and Suvaprasanna’s assets

srinjoySrinjoy Bose and Suvaprasanna whose names figure in the Saradha scam will not be able to dispose off some of their properties and bonds as per a directive by the Enforcement Directorate (ED).
An ED official probing the scam confirmed to oneindia that there was an instruction issued that bonds and properties belonging to artist Suvaprasanna and TMC MP, Srinjoy Bose cannot be disposed in the wake of the ongoing investigations.Read more

Mamta- You are not above the law

IMG_0192West Bengal is not the only state to have been hit by scams. There is Odisha as well and it is not as though the magnitude of the scams here are any less. Then why is Mamta Banerjee in the news and not Naveen Patnaik? The answer is a simple one. Patnaik is clear that law will take its course and the guilty punished. Whereas Mamata Banerjee on the other hand has refused to acknowledge a problem and wants laws changed instead on the pretext that the Central government is hatching a conspiracy against her.

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Saradha did fund Burdhwan after all

Pic: Economic Times
Pic: Economic Times

The Bangladesh investigators apart from questioning the suspects in the Burdwan blasts have also given our agencies vital leads on how Saradha funds had helped carry out this operation.

Finances: Several crores of Indian rupees had been transferred to the Islamic Bank in Bangladesh which were used to fund the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh module.

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Islami Bank Bangladesh parked Saradha funds

islamibankThe Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited or the IBBL has had a notorious history and several agencies from across the world have red flagged this bank. Now with India seeking a report from Bangladesh on whether Saradha money was parked in this bank the probe becomes even more interesting. The Indian agencies suspect that the Jamaat-e-Islami collected Saradha funds, parked it in this bank following which it was moved to Saudi Arabia and Mexico. The scanner is also on another bank called the Social Islami Bank which is directly connected to banks in Saudi Arabia and the agencies suspect that the Saradha money could have moved through this channel.
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Burdwan- The grand cover up


Even as the West Bengal government has rejected an NIA probe, members of the agency say that the probe here onwards is going to be extremely tough. By the time our officers reached the spot there was a teething hurry on part of the local police to destroy the evidence.

We have now been told that a large consignment of the bombs were taken away to the banks of the Damodar river and detonated. The bomb disposal ‎was very much present and could have contained any explosion if that is what the local police was worried about, the NIA says.

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