Be combat ready President Xi tells PLA ahead of Chinese New Year

New Delhi, Feb 08: Chinese President, Xi Jinping has directed the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to be combat ready during the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays.

President Xi also said that they should prepare for an information warfare as key to victory over the enemy forces. 

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Minor face-off at Naku La, was resolved by local commanders clarifies Indian Army

New Delhi, Jan 25: The Indian Army has clarified that there were several queries regarding a face off between the Indian Army and the PLA troops in the Sikkim border.

It has been clarified that there was a minor face-off at the Naku La area of Northern Sikkim on January 20th. The same was resolve3d y the local commanders as per established protocols, the Army clarified. 

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March-April will be crucial for the Indo-China standoff

New Delhi, Jan 19: There has been no withdrawal by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops from the friction points, even as both India and China prepare for the 9th round of military commander level talks.

India is prepared for a long haul and would be extremely cautious when the snow melts in March. Meanwhile the Chinese continue to build infrastructure near the various friction points.

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India responded firmly, in a non-escalatory manner against Chinese aggression along LAC

New Delhi, Jan 05: In its year end review of major developments, the Defence Ministry said that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) escalated the situation in the sensitive Ladakh theatre by using unorthodox weapons and also amassed a large number of troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The review published on January 1 said that the Indian Army assisted by the Indian Air Force mobilised troops, accretionary forces, artillery guns, tanks and ammunition at a swift pace to deal with the emerging situation. 

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PLA commander who engineered standoff with India in Ladakh replaced

New Delhi, Dec 21: General Zhao Zongqi, seen as the man responsible for the military standoff with India in eastern Ladakh has been moved out from the People’s Liberation Army’s powerful Western Theatre Command. He has been replaced by General Zhang Xudong, who has never served along the Indian border.

This development has sparked hope in India and it is been seen as a development that is not anti-India. General Zhao was the one who had also engineered the 2017 Doklam conflict with India. He has been a hardliner against both India and Bhutan.

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Move back: You first, because you came first India tells China at commender level talks

New Delhi, Oct 13: India has made it clear to China that its People’s Liberation Army (PLA) would have to step back first and it stepped forward first.

Although there is no official word on the outcome of the meet, sources tell OneIndia that although there was no major breakthrough, continuing talks has ensured that there has been no further escalation at a time when the situation is already tense. 

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India-China conflict below threshold of shooting war, but could take any trajectory

New Delhi, Sep 10: In response to the intimidating military moves by China, India has moved its front-line tanks and infantry combat vehicles to the strategic heights held by its soldiers on the southern bank of Pangong Tso. 

The People’s Liberation Army is parading it tank squadrons, mechanised infantry squads in addition to thousands of soldiers to threaten the Indian Army. It may be recalled that India had prevented the PLA from grabbing Indian territory on August 29. 

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Take decisions on the spot, don’t give PLA reaction time, Indian ground commanders told

New Delhi, Sep 08: With the Chinese PLA indulging in aggressive posturing, the Indian ground commanders have been told to take decisions on the spot. 

Officials tell OneIndia that the ground commanders have been advised to take on the spot decisions as there should be no time lost in reacting to the PLA. 

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Status quo ante or nothing: India’s clear message to China

ladakh-snow-meltingNew Delhi, Aug 17: India will continue to maintain a firm position on the disengagement demand by the Chinese PLA. No demand will be met until status quo ante is restored, officials familiar with the developments tell OneIndia.

It is quite clear that the transgressions that began in May had the approval of the Chinese Central Military Commission headed by Secretary, Xi Jinping. This is because it involved both the Tibetan and Xinjiang district as troops were inducted from outside the Western Theatre Command.

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