ISIS, al-qaeda join hands; what this means for SIMI, Indian Mujahideen?

IslamistsSyriaThe Indian Intelligence Agencies have issued a fresh alert in the wake of two ISIS related incidents. The release of an audio by the ISIS chief Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi and the coming together of his outfit with the al-qaeda in Syria is a cause of concern an Intelligence Bureua official informed.
What ISIS, al-qaeda coming together mean for IM, SIMI
These two developments will sort out the confusion in the minds of its Indian affiliates SIMI and the Indian Mujahideen who have been in a confused state of mind ever since the battle between the ISIS and the al-qaeda became fierce. The key recruiter for the ISIS, Sultan Ahmed Armar in his various chat transcripts has always suggested that there is a great deal of confusion over the recruitment process. Read more


Terrorism in India: All illegal Madrasas come under IB scanner

The Home Ministry has sought a report on all illegal Madrasas in the country from the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in a bid to keep a tab on their activities. In the recent past several Madrasas have come under the scanner and it has been found that they are being used to breed terrorists and the Burdwan episode was one such example of the same.

A Madrasa is termed as illegal when it has been set up without the permission of the state government. This would mean that the same is being run without the funds of the state government and this indicates that they are undertaking activities behind the back of the establishment.

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Saradha scam & suicide attempt: Kunal Ghosh realised he had reached a point of no return

kunalKunal Ghosh finally did what he had threatened to do. The CBI which has been probing him says that they would investigate the incident as they feel he was being pressured by someone not to reveal names.
CBI sources said that Ghosh was constantly under pressure not to reveal the big names in the Saradha scam and his attempted suicide could be related to just that.