Watch what you say- You are watched today

netraStarting today your experience on the phone or the internet will be different. India’s snooping programme is underway and suspicious actions will be watched by multiple agencies using both Netra and the National Cyber Coordination Centre.

It is not intended to invade into privacy an official with the Intelligence Bureau tells The response mechanism has been late all these days while handling issues on the internet and through such programmes we will have real time information.

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Internet scanning- Now you are watched all the time

Defence-ministr9292Groups such as the Indian Mujahideen or the Tehrik-e-Taliban Hindustan which have been creating social media accounts to convey secret messages of terror will have a tough time ahead. This is thanks to a programme called Netra an internet spy system which will become a reality in a few months from now.

Security agencies had been complaining that there is no proper system in place which helps capture coded messages that are sent out between terrorist outfits. Recently the ISI too developed a new voice system to communicate without coming under the radar of the agencies.

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