Modi @3: Where has the humour gone? Here are his best one-liners

modilaughingBeing a Prime Minister is no easy job. It requires a lot of hard work and seriousness. Atal Bihari Vajpayee one of the best orators that the country has ever seen too looked bogged down and his sense of humour very often missing after he took over the Prime Minister of India.

The same appears to be the case with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well. His election rallies ahead of the 2014 elections were nothing short of blockbusters. The speeches were powerful laced with one-liners and plenty of humour. He could keep the crowd both engaged and in splits at the same time.

However three years down the line, the man we saw at the election rallies is not the same. He is stressed as there is a lot of work to do says a source close to him. The man does not sleep says another. Let us take you down memory lane and recall some of his one-liners.

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Can these leaders stop the Narendra Modi juggernaut?

Beaten and bruised after the BJP stormed Uttar Pradesh, the opposition parties have decided to come forward and challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The grand alliance comprising almost all parties have decided to fight the 2019 elections unitedly to beat the Modi-Amit Shah led BJP.

Brain storming sessions have been held after the UP elections and it was decided that the only way to stop the Modi juggernaut is stand united and fight him. While in principle, all the parties in the opposition have decided to come together, they are yet to decide on a consensus candidate to lead this grand alliance.

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How BJP won the Uttar Pradesh dangal

The pollsters were spot on. All predicted a mammoth victory for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh and they were proven right.

There are many factors that have gone into the victory.

Brand Narendra Modi is intact in Uttar Pradesh. He not just trumped the Mandir wave of 1991, but also managed to repeat his performance 2014 performance in this massive state of Uttar Pradesh.

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No ‘Mitron’ in Modi’s New Year address

pmNew Delhi, Jan 01: “Mitron” or friends a word that Prime Minister Narendra Modi so often uses in his speeches was missing in his December 31st address to the nation.
The nation waited with bated breath on New Years eve for the Pm’s speech wondering what major announcement he would make.

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51 days of demonetisation: The nightmare at the ATMs persis

atmNew Delhi, Dec 30: It has been 51 days since the decision on demonetisation and today is the last day that people can exchange their demonetised currency at banks.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought 50 days time to ease the situation, but the question is whether things are any better?

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50 days of demonetisation: Clearly nothing is normal as yet

nocashNew Delhi, Dec 29: When you wake up on Friday, 51 days since the announcement on demonetisation was made, and expect all will be normal. Banks have still been reporting a cash crunch especially where the Rs 500 and Rs 100 notes are concerned.
The banks have, in fact, written to the Finance Ministry not to ease the curbs on withdrawals after December 29, the day the 50 day deadline set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi ends.

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Why RBI recommendations on demonetisation won’t be made public

demonetisationMumbai, Dec 26: Citing laws on security and economic interests, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had decided not to share details of its recommendations that led to declaring the Rs 500 and 1,000 notes as no longer legal tender.
The decision on demonetisation was made by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on November 8.

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Can Rahul Gandhi accuse Modi in Lok Sabha? Here is what the rules state

rahulNew Delhi, Dec 15: Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday that he has information about corruption by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He also said that he wanted to speak about it in Parliament, but the ruling party was not allowing him to do so.
The Congress vice president will attempt to speak about the issue in Parliament, but the question is will it be possible. If Rahul Gandhi wants to speak about the issue in Parliament, then he will have to follow the rules of the Lok Sabha.

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Jayalalithaa will be an inspiration: PM Modi

jayanomoreNew Delhi, Dec 6 In a series of tweets put out following the death of J Jayalalithaa, the PM expressed deep sadness over her demise and said it has left “a huge void in Indian politics”.

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Let us applaud this Ola driver who did his bit to fight black money

ola-image-1New Delhi, Nov 11 Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the nation by storm on Tuesday night when he declared the Rs 500, 1,000 notes as invalid.

His decision led to panic among those who were holding huge amounts of unaccounted cash.

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