After the Mumbai exposure, NCB sets its eye on drug trouble in Delhi

New Delhi, Oct 16: After Mumbai, Delhi will be on the radar of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). Recent raids and the investigations by the NCB have shown that in a majority of the cases, the drugs have been Mumbai borne.

The drug angle has been probed extensively, following the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Several top actors have been summoned by the NCB for questioning and the agency netted at least 20 people in connection with this case.

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NCB raids show how Mumbai has become India’s leading drug destination

New Delhi, Oct 16: Metro cities have been know to be the prime destination for various contrabands.

In this regard, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in synchronised operations at Mumbai and its connections with rest of India, has made various seizures and arrests which are having ramifications on the narcotics supply chain. 

Explained: What is the Mounted Unit and why it made its comeback in Mumbai

mounted-policeMumbai, Jan 23: Earlier this week, the Mumbai Police announced the return of the force’s Mounted Unit.

The Mounted Unit makes its return after a gap of 88 years. In 1932, the Bombay Police Commissioner, Sir Patrick Kelly decided to replace the horses with patrol cars.

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Nabbed just in time: ISIS module inspired by Zakir Naik’s speeches planned Mumbai Mayhem

These persons from Mumbra were running a module called the Ummat-E-Mohammaddiya and were devising a sinister plan to undertake mass killings in Mumbai.

Apart from adding poison to the prasad at a temple, they also planned on poisoning the water sources. Their interrogation by the Maharashtra ATS revealed that they were in the process of undertaking the lethal plan when they were caught.

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When the ISIS almost dumped chemical weapons in India to target Delhi, Mumbai

chemicalThe Islamic State has chemical weapons and for some reason, none seem to care about it. The new era of terror is a concern for all of us as it deploys both chemical and psychological warfare.

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Was the AK-56 rifle seized at Mumbai part of the 1993 blast arsenal?

ak-56Mumbai, July 10: Was the AK-56 rifle seized at Mumbai part of the 1993 arsenal? The Thane Crime Branch seized the rifle along with three magazines from the house of Naeem Fahim Khan at Goregaon in Mumbai’s western suburb.

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Suicide attack on Mumbai thwarted

The Maharashtra ATS has thwarted a major suicide strike on the city after it arrested a 32 year highly radicalised and trained terrorist. The operation was carried out with the help of the Delhi and Kolkata police.

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A 1,500 page chargesheet details how ISIS planned big strikes in Mumbai, Gujarat

isisA chargesheet running into 1,500 pages detailed the manner in which Islamic State operatives had planned on carrying out a series of attacks in Gujarat and Mumbai. The main target was the Jews, the Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad has said in its chargesheet.

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How Dawood’s aide Takla facilitated the escape of 1993 Mumbai serial blasts accused

Farooq Takla a key aide of Dawood Ibrahim who was arrested on Thursday facilitated the escape of several accused following the 1993 MUmbai serial blasts officials said.

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Fake, investigators say on hijack threat

airport securityA Republic Day protocol was triggered off at three major airports following a hijack threat on Sunday. However investigations that have been conducted suggest that the hijack call was a hoax. Security had been stepped up at the Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai airports following the email.

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