NIA arrests key suspect in murder of Arunachal Pradesh MLA

New Delhi, Oct 07: The National Investigation Agency has arrested a key accused in the murder of Arunachal Pradesh MLA, Tirong Aboh. The NIA arrested Ellie Ketok, a self-styled Sgt. Major of NSCN-IM and area commander of Tirap area. He was part of the killing team and fired upon the MLA on May 21 2019.

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Araku MLA murder: NIA charges top naxal

New Delhi, July 13: The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet against a naxalite, who is alleged to have played a key role in the murder of Araku MLA Kidari Sarveshwara Rao.

The charges were filed in the NIA Special Court at Vijayawada against Vanthala Dharmayya. It may be recalled that on September 23 2018, naxalites had killed Rao and an ex-MLA Siveri Soma at Livitiputtu village, Pothangi Panchayat by cadres of CPI (Maoist).

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Karnataka Congress MLA, Siddu Nyamgouda dies in road accident

siddunyamgoudaCongress MLA from Karnataka, Siddu Nyamgouda passed away in a road accident. He was on his way from Goa to Bagalkot when his car met with an accident.

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Why the Congress did not confiscate mobiles of its MLAs this time

In the run up to the trust vote in Karnataka that did not take place owing to B S Yeddyurappa resigning, the Congress released several recorded conversations. In the conversations, BJP leaders are heard trying to convince leaders of the Congress to cross vote.

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MP’s MLA’s can practise as advocates, but there is a rider

Members of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies will be allowed to practise as advocates, the Bar Council of India has said. The BCI however added that those who move an impeachment motion against any judge of the higher judiciary will not be allowed to appear before that particular court. BCI chairman Manan Kumar Mishra, a senior advocate, said that the decision was taken by the apex bar body to prevent the “misuse of powers” and “privileges” of a lawyer and not of a member of Parliament.

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Income of netas: One MLA declared 5,000 per cent increase in assets


The Income Tax Department in a sealed cover submitted the names of MPs and MLAs whose income had witnessed a meteoric rise since the past two elections. The Association for Democratic Reforms had filed an application to be impleaded as co-petitioner in the case filed by Lucknow-based NGO Lok Prahari. It contended that a number of people filing self-attested affidavits on their assets were not disclosing details of Income Tax returns.

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51 lawmakers have declared pending criminal cases against women


There are 51 MPs and MLAs who have declared cases of crime against women such as charges related to assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty, kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage, rape, husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty, buying minor for purposes of prostitution and word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman.

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Police enter resort in TN where Sasikala’s MLAs are lodged

golden-bayThere is huge police presence outside the Golden Bay resort where several MLAs of the AIADMK are lodged.

There around 100 riot police is outside the resort as they anticipate trouble. The police are said to have told the MLAs to vacate the resort by 3pm.

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MP case pendency-Average 7yrs

The average number of years a case against an MP or MLA is pending is 7 years statistics would show. This is interesting in the wake of the Supreme Court directing that the criminal cases against MPs and MLAs should be completed within a year from the date of framing of charges by the trial court. Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW) analysed the affidavits of the Lok Sabha MPs elected in 2009.
Out of the 162 MPs that have criminal cases against themselves, 76 have serious criminal cases like murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping and robbery against themselves.

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Look, who is voting for President of India


141 with murder cases, 6 with a rape charge and 90 with charges of kidnapping will be among the many who will vote to decide the next President of India.
National Election Watch (NEW) has analyzed the affidavits submitted to the Election Commission of India of 772 out of 776 MPs and 4063 out of 4120 MLAs (a total of 4835 out of 4896) in all the states of India which forms the Electoral College and who will be voting on the Presidential Elections to elect the new President of India.
As per the ECI, a total of 1098882 votes can be cast in the Presidential Elections.
Based on the number of votes these 4835 MPs/MLAs can cast, NEW & ADR has analysed 1089287 votes out the total 109882 votes.
Out of the 4835 MPs/MLAs analyzed, 1448 members or 31 % have declared criminal cases against them in a self sworn affidavit filed with the ECI before their most recent elections.
Out of these 1448 voters who have declared criminal cases, 641 MPs/MLAs have declared serious criminal cases like rape, murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, robbery, extortion etc.
There are 6 MPs/MLAs who have declared rape charges in their self sworn affidavits submitted to the ECI at the time of filing their nomination. There are 141 MPs/MLAs who have declared murder charges, 352 have declared attempt to murder charges, 145 have declared theft charges, 90 have declared kidnapping charges and 75 have declared dacoity charges.
Tainted Votes: Based on the number of votes that these tainted MPs/MLAs are entitled to cast, a total of (31%) or 335089 votes out of 1089287 analyzed are of MPs/MLAs who have declared criminal cases against themselves on self sworn affidavits submitted to the ECI at the time of filing their nomination papers for elections.
Among state assemblies, based on the number of tainted MLAs, the maximum number of tainted votes are from Uttar Pradesh which has 39312 out of 83824 votes analyzed (189 out of 403 MLAs) who have declared criminal cases at the time of submission of their self sworn affidavits to the ECI, followed by Maharashtra with 25550 out of 50225 votes analyzed (146 out of 287 MLAs) and Bihar with 24047 out of 41693 votes analyzed (139 out of 241 MLAs) who have declared criminal cases.
In terms of percentage of tainted votes, among state assemblies, Jharkhand has the highest % of tainted votes with 74% or 10560 out of 14256 votes (60 out 81 MLAs analyzed) followed by Bihar with 58% or 24047 out of 41693 votes (139 out of 241 MLAs analyzed) and Maharashtra with 51% or 25550 out of 50225 votes (146 out of 287 analyzed).
Votes of MPs/MLAs based on financial details
A total of 2322 out of 4835 MPs/MLAs analyzed i.e. 48% are crorepatis as per their self sworn affidavits submitted to the ECI at the time of nomination for contesting elections.
Crorepati Votes: Based on the number of votes these crorepatis MPs/MLAs are entitled to cast, a total of 54% or 585918 out of 1089287 votes analyzed are of MPs/MLAs who are crorepatis.
Amongst state assemblies, Uttar Pradesh has the maximum number of crorepati votes with 56368 out of 83824 votes analyzed followed by Maharashtra with 34650 out of 50225 votes analyzed and Andhra Pradesh with 25308 out of 42772 votes analyzed.
In terms of Percentage, among state assemblies, Goa has the highest percentage of crorepatis voters with 92% or (37 out of 40 MLAs analyzed) followed by Punjab with 86% (101 out of 117 MLAs analyzed) and Haryana with 72% (65 out of 90 MLAs analyzed) crorepatis voters.
Women Representation
As per the data from ECI, out of the total 4896 MPs/MLAs who are entitled to vote in the upcoming Presidential Elections, only 418 or 9% are women.
Based on the number of votes the MPs/MLAs are entitled to vote, the total number of women votes is 10% or 113145 out of 1098882 votes.
Among MPs, Lok Sabha has 11% or 41772 votes out of 384444 from 59 women MPs and Rajya Sabha has 10% or 16284 out of 164964 from 23 women MPs.
Among State assemblies, West Bengal has the maximum amount of women votes with 12231 votes out of 44394 (34 out of 294 MLAs), followed by Uttar Pradesh with 6656 votes out of 83824(32 out of 403 MLAs) and Bihar with 5882 votes out of 42039 (34 out of 243 MLAs).
In terms of percentage, among state assemblies, the highest percentage of Women votes is from Bihar with 14% (34 out of 243 MLAs) followed by Rajasthan with 14% (28 out of 200 MLAs) women votes and West Bengal with 12% (34 out of 294 MLAs).