Karnataka election: Will MIM, MEP, SDPI split Muslim votes in poll bound state?

muslimvoteThe Muslim votes will play a crucial role in the Karnataka assembly elections. The Congress is banking on this vote bank to boost its chances of winning the elections and retaining the chair. Several surveys suggest that the Congress would end up with a large chunk of the Muslim votes in the upcoming elections. The Muslims realising the importance of their votes have now demanded that the Congress field one Muslim candidate from every district.

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Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Election: What is KCR waiting for?

There appears to be no word on the elections to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation despite it being over 45 days since its term got over. An unwritten rule in such a scenario is that the state electoral officer normally waits for a green signal from the ruling government before the elections are announced.

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MIM-TRS- The Greater Hyderabad battle

hybadThe battle for Telangana may have been over with the Telangana Rastriya Samithi putting up a good show. While the formation of the state is one major task for the TRS, they are equally worried about forthcoming elections to the Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation to be held in the next three months.
Having control over the corporation is an extremely prestigious issue for any political party and all parties would be eyeing this election as it would give them control over Hyderabad.

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Alliance shopping in Telangana

telalliesAll parties in Telangana are hunting for allies now. With there being indications of a possible hung verdict, both the TRS and the Congress are looking for allies. Although the Congress and the TRS may end up together in case they have no other choice, for now both are in a mad rush to ensure that they form the first government in Telangana.

The Telangana Rastriya Samithi which appears to have the slight edge over its rivals in Telangana says that it is open for any alliance. Keshava Rao, TRS leader says that the idea is to form the first government without the Congress. Let us see how things shape out in the days to come and we are ready to seek or give support to parties that help us form the first government. Continue reading “Alliance shopping in Telangana”

Terrorists and politicians


‎Are some politicians linked to terrorists? If a terrorist is known to a politician does that mean he has a direct link with the activities of a terrorist organisation?
In West Bengal the Intelligence Bureau has very often complained about a political party doling out support to the Jammat-ul-Islami and the Chattra Shabir. In Kerala political outfits are accused of being kind of some radical members of the SIMI where as in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar it would be the Indian Mujahideen and in Hyderabad the HuJI.

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Historic Telangana poll commences

It will be for the last time that the 28 million residents of Telangana will be voting in a unified Andhra Pradesh. The people of Telangana who will have their separate state on June 2 will today decide the fate of candidates contesting the 119 assembly seats and 17 Lok Sabha seats.
Although the bifurcation will officially be done on June 2 the people are already in the mindset of a separate state. That is just a formality and we are voting for our new government in a new state says Gangi Reddy a voter in Hyderabad.
The stakes are huge and although it is looking like a direct TRS vs Congress battle, it would still be interesting to see how much of an impact the BJP-TDP combine could make. The MIM is also another player in Telangana and although it would take the Muslim votes with it, it is yet to be seen how much of an impact this party could make in constituencies other than Hyderabad.

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Even Owaisi uses Modi’s name

mimHyderabad had been the epi-centre of the Telangana movement and now with the issue resolved and the poll dates approaching the question is whether the statehood sentiment will play a role in the elections here.
Life goes on as usual and despite there being a large number of people who continue to rejoice the formation of a new state, the fact remains that this is not really a poll issue. The only issue connected to the bifurcation that has been his by some of the settlers from Seema-Andhra who worry about their safety. Although Hyderabad will continue to be a joint capital for ten years there are questions that people ask about their future once this period gets over.

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RGV vs Owaisi- Same fate as RGV’s Aag

rgvowisi1The talk in several circles in Hyderabad is that if the BJP fields Ram Gopal Varma from the Hyderabad Parliamentary constituency, he will meet the same fate as his film RGV’s Aag. Hyderabad is a tough constituency and as per the seat sharing arrangement between the it will be the BJP taking on Asaduddin Owaisi of the MIM from this constituency.
Chandrababu Naidu like he did in 1999 was quick to give away Hyderabad as he appears to have no confidence of beating Owaisi in this seat. He did exactly the same this time and there was not even a minute’s discussion by Naidu on who would get Hyderabad. The BJP may have got this prestigious constituency, but is facing a marathon task in fielding a candidate. The strongest name doing the rounds is that of director Ram Gopal Varma. Now RGV as he is popularly known as has absolutely nothing going for him. Many within the BJP feel that if he is going to be the candidate then it would be like giving away Hyderabad to Owaisi on a platter. He is no doubt a known name, but cannot create any confidence among the voter. Even the fact that the BJP is looking to ride the positive Narendra Modi wave in Hyderabad will not help him since the people are bound to be more upset than happy that the BJP is fielding him as a candidate. Continue reading “RGV vs Owaisi- Same fate as RGV’s Aag”

Hyderabad Muslims and Modi factor

Pic: The Hindu
Pic: The Hindu

While Telangana rejoices the decision to create a new state, the Muslims in Hyderabad especially are not too happy with the final outcome of the entire issue. What is worrying them the most is decision of the government to control the law and order situation in Hyderabad which has been declared as a joint capital for the next ten years.
With a resolve to challenge this decision before the Supreme Court, the Muslims in Hyderabad say that once Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister, he will have control over the law and order situation and we cannot guarantee the safety of the Muslims then.

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MIM will fade once T is formed

The MIM in Andhra Pradesh has a long battle to fight once the formation of Telangana is complete and its leadership feels that it would be restricted only to Hyderabad city once the state is formed.

Latheef Mohammad Khan, the convenor of the Muslim Forum for Telangana speaks with rediff.com about the mindset of the Muslims in the Telangana region and also explains why the MIM is worried about the formation or demerger of Telangana state from Andhra Pradesh.

First and foremost I would like to say that the announcement likely to be made by the Congress endorsing the formation of Telangana is in the right direction. It gives us all a ray of hope and compliments the 6 decade long struggle. However none of us want to raise our hopes too high as it is not yet time to trust the Congress which has been known to back track on its promises. The people involved in the movement still do not trust the Congress and feel that only once the Bill is passed should the celebrations begin. We still feel that the ruling class from Seema-Andhra would do everything possible to stall the Bill in Parliament. The Congress needs to overcome this and work on this issue sincerely.

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