How do naxals procure sophisticated weapons: It was the LTTE which aided them

New Delhi, Apr 06: In the recent Sukma attack, the naxalites used sophisticated barrel grenade launchers and wireless interception suggested that the movement of the security forces was tracked.

The question that arises is how are the naxalites able to procure such sophisticated weapons. The arms procurement for the naxalites has evolved over the past couple of years.

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Naxal who executed Sukma attack was trained by LTTE in ambush tactics

New Delhi, Apr 05: Preliminary investigations into the Sukma attack by the naxalites suggest that CPI (Maoist) leader Basava Raju led the execution.

Basava Raju alias Nambala Keshav Rao took over as the general secretary of the CPI (Maoist) and has been part of the naxal movement since the 1970s. The National Investigation Agency had announced a reward of Rs 1.5 million for any information on Raju who is 67 years old. He is an expert at using the AK-47 according to a Intelligence Bureau report of 2011.

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10 years after death of LTTE, peace shattered in Sri Lanka again

Colombo, Apr 21: Peace was shattered in Sri Lanka after a number of explosions ripped through Colombo, killing several people.

This is the first major incident in the country, which had enjoyed peace for a long time after it had witnessed a bloody civil war.

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Sri Lanka has had a bloody history: Here are the major attacks

Colombo, Apr 21: Sri Lanka has had a violent history thanks to the bloody civil war it was engaged in with the LTTE.

The LTTE was officially wiped out in 2009 and the nation has remained peaceful since then. Until 2006, the country has witnessed a series of terror attacks and assassinations. The Sri Lankan army then went on an offensive and officially defeated the LTTE in 2009.

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“Why did R&AW want us to believe CIA and not LTTE killed Rajiv Gandhi?”

rajiv-gandhikraghothaman1Why was the SPG cover for Rajiv Gandhi withdrawn? Why was the decision to give him NSG cover taken only on 20th May 1991 when the threat perception was known months in advance.

Rajeev Gandhi was assassinated on May 21 1991. These are some key questions asked by K Raghothaman, the CBI’s lead investigator in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case.

Raghothaman speaking exclusively to OneIndia said within a month of Rajiv’s security being withdrawn, he was given cover by the Delhi police. Is that the kind of cover to be given when the threat perception was so high. International agencies had picked up the threat perception and the same was conveyed by Palestine as well.

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House for sexual favours in Sri Lanka: India joins probe

srilankaNew Delhi, Oct 12: India has taken very serious note of the complaint lodged by a war displaced widow in Sri Lanka who had alleged that sexual favours had been sought in return for houses in a project funded by the Indian government.
A probe now is being conducted by the Indian High Commission and the Sri Lanka Red Cross society into the matter. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Jaffna in March 2015, he had handed over houses to war widows whose husbands were either killed or went missing during Sri-Lanka’s war against the LTTE.

New Delhi was informed about the complaint that was lodged by a war widow in Sri Lanka. It was stated that a Red Cross official has sought sexual favours in return for a house which is being funded by the Indian government.

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6 LTTE operatives arrested in Kolkata

The arrest of 6 men allegedly belonging to the LTTE has left security officials in West Bengal in a spot of bother. They are verifying why these six men had come to Kolkata from Chennai. The police say that they have arrested two senior operatives of the LTTE, Gunasekaran and Bala Singham and four others from the Chandini Chowk central in Kolkata. The operation was carried out by the special task force.
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Is LTTE rising? Cyanide seizure in TN leads to extensive details

ltteThere are a lot of details that are emerging from the investigation being conducted by Tamil Nadu’s Q branch which had seized from five persons cyanide and satellite phones.
During the investigation that is being conducted, the name of the 39 year old Krishnakumar has become centric.
Investigators tell OneIndia that Krishnakumar a member of the LTTE who was in Tamil Nadu since 2009 was attempting a return to Jaffna in Sri Lanka. Several locals were helping him in this operation, investigators also informed.

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Cyanide seized in Tamil Nadu: What really is happening?

tnThe Tamil Nadu police have launched a major investigation after they had found Sri Lankan Tamil refugees with cyanides and satellite phones.
The two persons were carrying with them 300 grams of cyanide, satellite phones and other GPS equipment. An officer with the Tamil Nadu police informed OneIndia that it is too early to jump to any sort of conclusions, but also added that it was clear that these persons had come into the state on some mission.
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CBI watches plea seeking LTTE leaders arrest

The petition filed before a Sri Lankan court seeking the arrest of Kumara Pathmanathan alias KP, LTTE leader is being viewed closely by the Central Bureau of Investigation. 
The CBI which has been wanting to question him in connection with the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case has complained that Sri Lanka has not cooperated with them on this issue.
The petition filed by the Janata Vimukthi Party in Sri Lanka seeks a directive to the new government to arrest KP. The petition was filed before the Court of Appeals in Colombo.
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