Kerala module ISIS clip: Why it is so chilling, worrying and real

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480A chilling audio clip was released by the Kerala module of the Islamic State in which it called on Muslims to carry out lone wolf attacks. A host of officials in the security agencies that OneIndia spoke with say that it is a clear sign that the module in India is getting desperate.

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Close shave: How a lone wolf attack at an election rally was thwarted in Gujarat

terroristIt was a close shave in poll-bound Gujarat. A person who had promised to supply a large chunk of explosives to carry out lone wolf attacks in Gujarat was arrested.

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Is India prepared to deal with lone-wolf attacks?

niceattackNew Delhi, Dec 21: The Berlin attack is yet another grim reminder of how real the threat of terrorism is. The Berlin and Nice attacks are similar to each other. In both attacks a lone wolf rammed trucks into a crowded area killing dozens. In India, the intelligence agencies have warned of possible lone wolf attacks several times.

The questionarises: is India prepared to tackle the problem of lone wolf attacks? IB officials say that in the days to come, one would get to witness attacks.

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