Illegal immigration into Bengal, Assam today is about land jihad, not livelihood

New Delhi, Mar 27: At a rally in Assam, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that if the BJP comes to power, laws will be implemented to tackle the problem of both land and love jihad. He said that refugees will be granted citizenship, while infiltrators will be thrown out.

In January 2020, nearly 450 persons were arrested by the Bangladesh police when they crossed over from India. That month, there was a major exodus of Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants back to their country.

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From land jihad to Islamic jihad: Why we must rejoice the return of illegal Bangladeshis

ilegal-immigrantsNew Delhi, Jan 06: The fear has set in and the charges are up. There is a major exodus of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants back to their home country. The touts are in demand and are today demanding Rs 6,000 to send these persons back to Bangladesh.

The enhanced activity along the border had forced Bangladesh to turn off the mobile services for a day last week. Looking at the demand to get back to Bangladesh, the touts have upped their fee from Rs 3,000 to Rs 6,000.

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