Sikhs for Justice which backs Khalistan terror declared unlawful entity

New Delhi, July 10: The Sikhs for Justice, a group sympathetic towards the Khalistan movement has been declared as an unlawful association.

The decision was taken by the Union Cabinet after several reports by the security agencies making it clear that the outfit was openly backing the Khalistan movement.

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Kartarpur euphoria fine, but ISI needs to keep Khalistan terrorists under check

New Delhi, July 08: Even as India would look to operationalise the Kartarpur corridor project during a July 14 meeting with Pakistan, concerns are being raised about the big push being given to the Khalistan movement.

India would raise with Pakistan concerns about its military trying to use the corridor to push Khalistan terrorists into India.

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At Modi’s behest Khalistan movement Referendum 2020 banned in Pakistan claims SJF

khalistanNew Delhi, Apr 16: Pakistan has banned the Referendum 2020 team run by the Sikhs for Justice, the group has claimed. The group said that its team was banned in Pakistan at the behest of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Legal adviser of SJF, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun claimed that the authorities in Pakistan had stopped the groups activists from putting up posters and banners of the Khalistan referendum campaign at the Gurudwara Panja Sahib in Hassan Adbal.

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Ban on KLF is a step forward on cracking down on ISI-SJF sponsored Khalistan movement

New Delhi, Dec 28: In a major development, the Union Home Ministry has banned the Khalistan Liberation Force under the provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

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17 years on, another plot to attack Parliament unearthed

New Delhi, Dec 13: It has been 17 years since the heart of democracy, the Indian Parliament was attacked by terrorists. A lot has changed since then and the security mechanism is much better compared to what it was back then.

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Gen Rawat is spot on: Why ISI backed Punjab terror will be biggest destabilising factor

referendum2020-1New Delhi, Nov 5: The busting of a Khalistan Gadar Force module in Patiala, Punjab has put the spotlight back on Referendum 2020 that seeks to declare the state as a separate nation, by terrorists of the Khalistan movement.

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34 years since Operation Blue Star: What led to the birth of the Khalistan Movement

operation-blue-star-Over three decades back, India witnessed one of the biggest operations carried out against militants born on its own soil. June 1 1984, the Armed Forces launched probably one of the biggest operations in Punjab, which went on to be called as ‘Operation Blue Star.”

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How Operation Blue Star unfolded

bluestarIt has been 34 years since Operation Blue Star. The operation was ordered by the then Prime Minister, late Indira Gandhi in a bid to establish control over the Harminder Sahib complex in Amritsar.

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An eye for an eye: How KPS Gill wiped out militancy in Punjab

kpsgillWhen we speak about Operation Blue Star, our memory immediately goes back to the Khalistan Movement in Punjab. This movement in which a separate nation was demanded for had become extremely violent in nature and gave birth to militancy in Punjab.

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Punjab militancy would be launched from Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar

mintooNew Delhi, Dec 2: The revival of the Khalistan Movement in Punjab has been spoken about several times thanks to the number of alerts and intercepts that the Intelligence Bureau has put out. Now there is more confirmation about how the ISI is doing everything it can to revive the movement in Punjab.

The confirmation comes from Harminder Singh Mintoo who had recently escaped from a jail in Punjab only to be caught a day later. He says that there are four key cells of the Khalistan Liberation Force through which militancy in Punjab would be revived.

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