Telangana- Is Kiran Reddy the villain?

20130711-231620.jpgA major campaign headed by senior Congress leader from Telangana, Jaipal Reddy has commenced and the agenda is to oust Kiran Kumar Reddy as the Chief Minister. This campaign has commenced as a section of the Congress leaders feel that he is single handedly thwarting the formation of Telangana.

The move comes at a very interesting time. The Congress Working Committee is scheduled to meet soon and take a decision on the issue and Kiran Kumar Reddy in his inner circles has been saying that the Telangana bill will meet the fate of the Women’s bill.

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Telangana after Prof. Jayashankar

A file picture of Prof. Jayashankar (right) with TRS chief K.Chandrasekhar Rao. Photo courtesy: The Hindu
Our resolve to attain Telangana has only become stronger after the death of Professor Kothapalli Jayashankar who is considered to be the Mahathma and ideologue of this movement.

There is a pale of gloom across all regions of Telangana and in his hometown Hanamkonda in Warrangal, the crowds have not stopped pouring in. While a section of them have been pondering over how to take the movement forward, there are very many who ask this interesting question, “who will control K Chandrasekar Rao now?”

For all those who believed in the Telangana movement, he was a father figure. There was none who knew the issue so well and he was thorough in both the social and economic problems of this region.

Jayashankar who was part of the movement since 1956, the year the movement began was very clear in what he wanted. He had made it clear that there was no other option but to give Telangana and no other stop gap arrangement would ever solve the problem. In an interview to us in January he had said, “The Shri Krishna commission has indiscriminately gone into several issues, which were not required. They appear to have succumbed to industrialists and money bags, and hence we question the very credibility of the commission as well as the report. How much more time should we wait? This struggle is on since the past 50 years. How many agreements, how many more discussions should we have on this?

The people around him say that he was very close to achieving his dream. The Government of India had promised us that a state would be formed and the Home Minister had also made a statement to this effect. They could have formed it in no time, but then they backtracked. The curse of the entire Telangana and the followers of Jayashankar are on the government of India today. He had struggled so much and they ensured that he never got to see his dream come true.

Lateef Mohammad Khan, convenor of the Muslim Forum for Telangana who is just back from Warrangal says one of the most important things that Jayashnkar has done is unite the movement. Language does not need a reglion. Religion needs a language, Jayashankar would always say. The Muslims had doubts at first, but he is the one who insisted that I add the Muslim tag against the name of our organisation. When this movement was re-kindled yet again, it was he who had made it clear that there should be no differences between religion and caste and all of us should unite. He had also felt that the insecurity among the Muslims should be wiped out and we should have a forum of our own for this purpose.

He had infact restored the movement and each and everyone associated with the movement trusted his word. More importantly he was the only one who could control KCR. In fact whenever KCR was going wrong, only Jayashankar could stop him and correct him. Today I don’t know with his death how things would be dealt with.

He had knowledge of the entire issue. He had gone in depth while studying the social and economic issues of Telangana. He was treated as a spiritual leader and today in his death the movement is orphaned. However the movement will not die down as Jayashankar has ensured that it has been safely placed in the hands of the people. The people today will take it forward with more resolve since they would want the dream of their leader to be achieved.

Professor Kothapalli Jayashankar died on Tuesday after battling cancer for the past 5 months. A simpleton, he remained a bachelor and till date stayed a single room house. He began his battle for Telangana when the merger took place and since 1956 he has relentlessely fought for the restoration of the state.

He was a professor in economics and became the Vice Chancellor of Kakatiya University.He formed the Telangana Development Forum in USA in the year 1999 and played a key role in the formation of Telangana Rashtra Samithi in 2001 under the leadership of K Chandrasekhara Rao.

The students who have been spearheading the movement say that they will never forget the sacrifice made by the Professor. His speeches and writings were an inspiration to all of us says K Srinivas, a student leader who has been fighting for Telangana. The show will go on and this time around it would be with more resolve. We are extremely sad today that a leader has gone, but let the government be rest assured that the movement is very much alive and we shall fulfil our dream very soon.