Institutionalisation of Christian conversions has led to rapid rise of Church Planters in Andhra Pradesh

christian-mnThe opposition in Andhra Pradesh has accused chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy of fast tracking conversions through the various schemes of the government. Like was done in the North East years ago, Andhra Pradesh is also increasingly witnessing church planting.

Andhra Pradesh State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation is a department being run by the Andhra Pradesh government. The website says, Andhra Pradesh State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation has been formed in November 2008. The main objective of the corporation is to assist the Christian community with their socio-economic development in collaboration with banks and other development agencies. The source of funding for the corporate is from the government of Andhra Pradesh.

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In poll bound Andhra, a copy cat syndrome by politicians plays out

Amaravati, Apr 04: When it comes to doing politics in Andhra Pradesh, there has always been a copy-cat syndrome. Parties tend to wait for the other to release its manifesto, so that it could either copy the scheme or better it.

Parties instead of releasing manifestos early go about their poll campaigns making big promises to woo the voters. For instance after YSR Congress Party chief, Jagan Mohan Reddy announced benefits as part of the Annadata Sukhibhava scheme, the Chief Minister of AP and TDP chief, Chandrababu Naidu announced a loan waiver under the affordable housing scheme.

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Andhra elections: There is no room for anyone other than ‘Family’

Amaravati, Mar 20: Dynasty politics is in full glare in the Andhra Pradesh elections. The state votes simultaneously in the assembly and Lok Sabha segment.

When it comes to Kadapa, it is the YSR family all the way. Jagan Mohan Reddy, the chief of the YSR Congress party and son of late Dr. Rajashekar Reddy is contesting from Pulivendala, his uncle, P Ravindranath Reddy is contesting the Kamalapura seat. Jagan’s cousin, Y Avinash Reddy would contest from the Kadapa Lok Sabha seat.

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Jagan Mohan Reddy’s properties attached so far- Rs 2,524 crore and counting

Pic: The Hindu
Pic: The Hindu

New Delhi, June 30: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) attached more property belonging to Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief of the YSR Congress party and son of former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Y S Rajashekara Reddy on Wednesday. This is the second such exercise that the ED has carried out.

With this attachment, the total worth of property attached by the ED is Rs 2.524 crore. The first attachment which was carried out was worth Rs 1,775 crore while yesterday’s exercise involved property worth Rs 749 crore.

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What Naidu, Tiwary have in common?

‎Chandrababu Naidu will be sworn in as the first Chief Minister of  Andhra Pradesh state at a grand event today at 7.27 PM today. Naidu is only the second leader in India’s history to become Chief Minister of two states- United Andhra Pradesh and now Andhra after the bifurcation. The only other leader to hold this distinction is N D Tiwari who was Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and then Uttaranchal after the bifurcation.
‎The President’s rule which was in place for two months was withdrawn from Saturday midnight. He will be sworn in at the Nagarjuna Nagar between Vijayawada and Guntur in a ceremony which many are estimating would cost Rs 30 crore.
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Vijayamma’s defeat- Total mis-calculation


‎For the YSR Congress, the biggest defeat was that of its honorary president Vijayamma, who is the wife of Dr Y S R Rajasekara Reddy and mother of Jagan Mohan Reddy. Vijayamma was defeated by a huge margin by the BJP’s Haribabu from the Vishakapatanam Parliamentary constituency which has over 10 lakh voters.
Fielding Vijayamma from the Vishakapatanam constituency in coastal Andhra was beleived to be a master stroke by the YSR Congress party. Jagan who relies heavily on the Reddy and Christian voter bank chose to enter into TDP territory with the hope of capitalising in areas other than Rayalseema which is Reddy dominated. Jagan had even positioned 300 of his men at this constituency to ensure that his mother won. He was extremely confident that his mother will sail through with the help of the rural votes as he felt that she would ride on the YSR sentiment.

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Jagan- the body language says it all

‎The body language has changed and one can say he is shocked at the results in Seema-Andhra. Jagan Mohan Reddy just has one thing to say and that is his party will play the role of a constructive opposition.
While speaking to Jagan Reddy one thing is clear and that he not until the last minute expected a verdict of this nature. We thought we would do well and did our level best. It is a Narendra Modi and that what has clearly worked for the TDP here he says. He also said the people have beleived the false promises made by Chandrababu Naidu.

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TDP-BJP magic- The Seema-Andhra story

cn2The Seema-Andhra verdict is an interesting one and Chandrababu Naidu who has been out of power for the last ten years just cannot stop smiling. A month back had some one said that Naidu would win the election, many would have laughed, but since the past three weeks there was a change and a huge one which completely swung in favour of the TDP-BJP combine.

We spoke to a couple of voters from Seema-Andhra to analsye what this election in Seema-Andhra was all about. Be it rural or urban, the every voter in Seema-Andhra was well aware that the state had been bifurcated and they had to build a new state. Chandrababu Naidu is clearly experienced on this front as he has been Chief Minister for two terms.

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Naidu thanks all after magical victory

cnChandrababu Naidu is very upbeat and he has pulled off a magical victory in Seema-Andhra. All set to take over as the first Chief Minister of Seema-Andhra (Andhra Pradesh), he told reporters that the people have voted for development and defeated corruption.

It is a great victory for the people, the NDA has done very well and the BJP has done exceptionally well. He said that the priority now is to join hands with Narendra Modi and develop his state. We are not thinking of portfolios and what we will get at the centre. The TDP will play a very constructive role in the NDA. Continue reading “Naidu thanks all after magical victory”

TDP, TRS cake walk

naidukcrAndhra Pradesh will become two separate states on June 2 and what the people can feel really happy about is that they will be spared the horror of a coalition in their first ever governments. The results are almost clear and both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh will have non-coalition governments.

The leads in Telangana are clearly in favour of the the Telangana Rastriya Samithi in the assembly polls and the party has already touched 60 seats which is way ahead of the magic mark. The TDP in Andhra Pradesh is all set to touch 100 plus seat once again clearly ahead of the magic number. This would mean Telangana’s first Chief Minister would be K Chandrasekara Rao while Andhra Pradesh will see the tech savvy Chandrababu Naidu as the CM. Continue reading “TDP, TRS cake walk”