Highest number of recruits: Here’s how Tamil Nadu became a playground for ISIS, radical Islam

According to Alok Mitta, IG National Investigation Agency, out of the 127 known recruits into the ISIS from India, 33 were from Tamil Nadu. Uttar Pradesh (19), Kerala (17), Telangana (14), Maharashtra (12), Karnataka (8) and Delhi (7) were the other states to figure in this list.

Terror down south and radicalisation were subjects that were often spoken about. The agencies often complained that South India had become a ticking time bomb, but it was an issue that was never taken seriously.

However, the birth of the Islamic State changed everything and the rapid pace at which youth from South India were being roped in set the alarm bells ringing. On Monday at a conference of anti-terror teams, Alok Mitta, IG National Investigation Agency said that the highest number of recruits into the ISIS in India were from Tamil Nadu. He said that out of the 127 known recruits from India, 33 were from Tamil Nadu.

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Kerala’s terrorists with ISIS are dying at a quick pace, but 58 remain in Afghanistan

isis-flag-759New Delhi, Aug 09: Another Kerala operative, who had joined the Islamic State has been killed in Afghanistan.

This is the second incident being reported from Afghanistan in less than a fortnight in which a Kerala operative has been killed.

The ISIS’ manual for family members of recruits

ISIS FLAGNew Delhi: Every terrorist organization has an instruction manual but in the case of the ISIS there is a separate one which is to be followed by members of the recruit’s family.

The manual which was discovered by the Indian Intelligence agencies while dealing with a recruit who had left for Syria, lists out the rules and regulations for family members of the ISIS recruits.

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2 ISIS recruits and how their mothers handled the situation

ISIS-afghanNew Delhi, Nov 18: The Narendra Modi-led government of India has very often emphasized that the role of elders plays a major role in curbing radicalization.

India, which battles the threat of terror every day, has decided to rope in elders and engage the parents more actively in ensuring that the youth do not join the ISIS.

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Indian ISIS recruit Fahad Shaikh gives clarion call for recruitments

boatThere are various chilling messages relating to Indian fighters in the ISIS that have been posted by Magnet Gas.
The account believed to be operated by Fahad Shaikh one of the four youth who had left their home town of Kalyan in Maharashtra last year to join the ISIS.
The messages aim at inviting more Indians on board the ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. Photographs of Indians on a boat have been posted on this account and verification being done by the Intelligence Bureau would show that this account is operated by Shaikh.

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ISIS recruits from Karnataka may have died in Syria

isisnewThe ISIS which is recruiting youth globally has done its bit in Karnataka as well. Several youth from the state are alleged to have gone to either Syria or Iraq and taken part in the war being fought by the ISIS.
While there is no news about the whereabouts of several youth, the Intelligence Bureau had indicated that they could have joined the ISIS.
In the recent past three youth from Karnataka are alleged to have crossed over into Syria and IB officials suspect that they may have been killed.

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21 ISIS recruits prevented from leaving India

Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.The past couple of months have kept Intelligence Bureau officials busy and the number of persons who have been stopped from joining the ISIS from different parts of the country is 21.

While 15 are from Telangana, the remaining six are from Madhya Pradesh. While in Telangana the youth trying to join the ISIS were stopped from going out of the country, in Madhya Pradesh there was a module which had been busted by the police and the intelligence bureau

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