MODIfied100: A dream run on security and how some of the boldest decisions were taken

modi-shah3New Delhi, Sep 09: Union Home Minister, Amit Shah used the hashtag MODIfied100 to speak about the achievements of the union government on the security front.”Modi govt is synonymous with national security, development & welfare of the poor,” Shah said in a series of tweets.

The past 100 days have been eventful in a lot of respects. There were some key decisions that were made on the security front, that also included the passing of the amended Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.


Internal security: The challenge ahead for the next dispensation

New Delhi, May 21: We will know by May 23, who the next Prime Minister of India would be. The new government would have a host of challenges that it would have to deal with on various fronts.

Here, we decode what the national security challenge would be for the new government that takes over. There have been a host of developments in the past five years, where internal security is concerned.

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How did Modi govt handle internal security in two years- Part 2

pathankNew Delhi, May 24: There have been several hits where the handling of Internal Security by the two year old Narendra Modi government is concerned.
In the first part we dealt with the hits or achievements on this front. In this second part, we take a look at where the government has failed on the internal security front.

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One year of Modi sarkar: Internal security review

Pic: Indian Express
Pic: Indian Express
When Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister of India a year back, a major concern on his mind was security.

The country had become a virtual playground for several terrorist groups. While home grown jihad had become one of the biggest concerns for the police and the security agencies, another threat looming large was the one from the ISIS which was threatening to take away at least 300 Indian youth into its fold.

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