West Bengal: Where both politicians and terrorists play with bombs

Kolkata, Oct 3: A bomb blast claimed the life of an eight year old child and nine people were injured in an explosion at Kolkata on Tuesday. The blast took place at Nagerbazar in Kolkata’s northern suburbs.

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Two Reasons Why Khurshid Alam Killing Could Be ‘An Inside Job’

hizbulKhurshid Alam, who was killed in Nepal under mysterious circumstances, was one of the top assets of the ISI and Indian Mujahideen. Indian agencies would sure be heaving a sigh of relief with this development after having failed to get him extradited almost two decades back.

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In mystery killing of Indian Mujahideen ringleader, link to an Azamgarh Madrasa crops up

New Delhi, Sep 26: The mystery death of an Indian Mujahideen ringleader in Nepal has left many baffled. Investigations till date have not been able to ascertain the motive behind the killing of Khursheed Alam who was a prime facilitator for the Indian Mujahideen and the accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case.

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Hit job: The story behind the killing of Indian Mujahideen’s ring leader in Nepal

New Delhi, Sep 23: An Indian Mujahideen operative was shot dead by unidentified assailants in Nepal. The killing of Khursheed Alam, who was working as a principal of a private school died on the spot after being shot at.

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Politician, Maulana, teacher and now martyr: How this IM facilitator stayed undetected in Nepal

Kathmandu, Sep 24: An Indian Mujahideen facilitator was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Nepal. Kursheed Alam, who worked as a principal in a school has been accused of assisting operatives of the Indian Mujahideen and those involved in the Mumbai 1993 serial blasts.

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Kerala SIMI camp: NIA grills Indian Mujahideen founder

Kochi, June 30: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) continued to grill Abdul Suban Qureshi, a co-founder of the Indian Mujahideen and an accused in the 2007 Kerala, Wagamon camp case.

ISI-Naxalite-Separatist: The common connection

Pakistan’s ISI keeps a very close watch on the anti national activities that take place in India. It is ready to support any cause as long as it is anti-India. It has supported groups such as the Indian Mujahideen, Students Islamic Movement of India and even the naxalites.

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Batla House encounter was not fake says IM operative

Ariz Khan of the Indian Mujahideen was a major catch for the security agencies. Amidst a wide spread debate about the Battle House encounter, Khan has told security agencies that the operation was not a fake one.

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Fayaz Kagzi, the Jeddah suicide bomber who ran Indian Mujahideen

DNA reports have suggested that the Jeddah bomber was an Indian. Saudi Arabia has confirmed that the bomber was an Indian who went by the name Fayaz Kagzi.

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The race for Bhatkal: Why Namdharis will decide fortune of BJP or Congress

Bhatkal is an important constituency with a little over 2 lakh voters. The name Bhatkal has been in the news for a long time for all the wrong reasons thanks to several founding members of the Indian Mujahideen hailing from this place.

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