Touts in Assam charge Rs 8,000 to get illegal immigrants into NRC

New Delhi, Oct 30: All it took was Rs 8,000 for this man from Bangladesh to get a fake eligibility certificate, a requirement to be included in the National Register of Citizen (NRC).

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How illegal immigrants have ruined 39 per cent of India’s forest cover

New Delhi, Oct 15: A delegation of students have demanded that the Assam like update of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) be undertaken in all the other north eastern states as well.

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In Aadhaar verdict, word of caution to Centre on illegal immigrants

nrc11New Delhi, Sep 26: In the big Aadhaar verdict by the Supreme Court, there was a word of caution for the Centre, where the illegal immigrants are concerned.

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With 2 crore illegal migrants, every state needs NRC or we end up with East Pakistan

New Delhi, July 31: The Centre had informed the Rajya Sabha that there are nearly 2 crore Bangladeshi immigrants staying illegally in India. This was a figure that was available in the year 2016.

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Rohingya Muslims are illegal immigrants, need to be deported: Rijiju

Pic: The Hindu

Union Minister of State for Home, Kiren Rijiju has made it clear once again that Rohingya Muslims are illegal immigrants and need to be deported as per the law. The statements comes in the wake of the Supreme Court hearing a petition by two Rohingya Muslims who sought a directive to the government not to deport them. He also said that the Centre had asked states to get the data and begin the deportation process.

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2 crore illegal immigrants in India: Nation faces security threat, change in demographic pattern

rohingyamuslims33There are over 2 crore illegal immigrants in India. While the Centre has stated that many pose a security threat, the other concern is that these persons are sourcing ration, Aadhaar and voter identity cards. This will change the demographic pattern in the country, senior officials in the Home Ministry say.

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Plea to deport Rohingya Muslims: Won’t give any undertaking says Centre in SC

Pic: The Hindu

The Centre refused to undertake before the Supreme Court that it would not deport the Rohingya Muslims during the pendency of a petition. A petition in the Supreme Court challenged the decision of the Government to deport the 40,000 Rohingya Muslims on the ground that they are illegal immigrants.

Rohingya Muslims to go back irrespective of UN registration says Centre

Pic: The Hindu

The government has said that it is very serious about tackling the Rohingya Muslim issue. There are around 40,000 Rohingya Muslims living in India and they are illegal immigrants, the government has said.

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Rohingya Muslim threat: States told to identify and deport

rohingya1With the threat of terror looming large, the Union Home Ministry has directed states to identify and deport illegal immigrants. The decision comes in the wake of intelligence inputs suggesting that terror groups may use the Rohingya Muslims to further their activities.

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Modi- Handling national security

modmusWith an expected regime change that in all probability would see Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India, there are several questions especially on national security that one may want to ask. Modi all through his campaign has spoken about emphasis to national security both internal and external.

Should he bring back a law like TADA, how should he deal with Islamic terror while not antagonising the Muslim community and what his immediate challenges in dealing with home grown terror should be? V Balachandran, former special secretary, cabinet secretariat, Government of India tells in this interview that Modi while dealing with terror will have to instil confidence among the Muslims that he is not against the community and only against some misguided people.

What are the immediate challenges on the security front for the new government?

The immediate challenges are growing communalism in Hindi speaking states, serious ethnic strife in the North East, rising domestic religious insurgency, persisting Leftist militancy and the inability of our preventive security machinery to anticipate and deal with such situations. More worrying is the attitude of some state governments in not allowing Central Investigative agencies (NIA for example) to take over investigation of inter-state terrorist cases which need an all-India approach.

What should Modis approach to Pakistan be?

We cannot overwhelm Pakistani challenge by threats alone. We need to follow a mature policy of firmness, dialogue, diplomacy  and understanding. For this we need to assure genuine Pakistani democratic movements, their free press and middle class that our quarrel is only against those Jehadi elements who are out to create trouble for India.The practice of painting everyone in Pakistan with the same brush needs to be stopped. We have to remember that an ordinary Pakistani is as much victim of terrorism as an Indian. The second strand of policy towards Pakistan is not to attempt to force our own unilateral solutions on other contentious issues as demanded by some during the election campaign.

Does the government face a bigger threat from home grown outfits or terror emanating from the border?

It is both. Homegrown terror cannot be sustained without outside help. Our preventive vigilance machinery has to anticipate and thwart such moves. For that we need to strengthen our vigilance by better intelligence and coordinated ground action.

How do you think, the new government should handle the issue of illegal immigration from Bangladesh?

There is no ready made solution to this grave problem. We need the goodwill of the present Awami league government to stop further migration. At the same time we should not create tension in our North Eastern states by calling long term residents as illegal migrants just because of their religion. Enough damage has been done  to communal harmony during the Election campaign. Shrill campaign against the Bangla Deshi migrants has upset the friendly Awami League government, who had rendered exemplary cooperation in pushing back our terrorists holed up in their country. We also need to take our State governments in that region into confidence before unilaterally deciding on the migrants. In 1998 the action of the BJP-Shiv Sena government in Maharashtra in sending back alleged Bangla Deshi migrants without the concurrence of West Bengal government ended in a fiasco.

What could the new government do in the 26/11 case?

We should pursue the 26/11 conspiracy case going on in Pakistan. Action in USA on the conspiracy now being done by our NIA should continue. We should seek international cooperation to prosecute the conspirators. In addition we should encourage Indians of US or UK citizenship who were victims in 26/11 to file class action suits in foreign courts against the Pakistani conspirators.

Will the NDA act on all the recommendations of the Pradhan Committee?

Maharashtra Government has already initiated action on recommendations. Our report was primarily for the State government.

How can the new government balance not antagonising Muslims and also be tough on terror?

We have to instill confidence among them that we are not against the community but only against some misguided people.

How would you compare an NDA and UPA handling of terror?

It is very difficult to compare. I do not want to blame the previous NDA government for releasing terrorists after the 24 December 1999 hijacking of IC 814. That was done to save lives of innocent passengers. But I would blame them for not initiating substantial internal security reforms even after the December 13, 2001 Parliament Attack although their own Group of Ministers had finalized their excellent report on reforms in February 2001. They were in office till 2004.

As regards UPA government, they utterly failed in preventing 26/11 attack which they could have done by coordinated navy-Coast guard-NSG action as they had intelligence prior to the attack. Their failure in sending the NSG promptly to Mumbai was a grave lapse.

Do you think the NDA should bring back TADA?

I do not think that terrorism can be fought by laws like TADA. After all we are facing a bunch of people who have no respect for law or deterrent punishment. So how will a draconian law prevent terrorism? That scourge can be fought only through better intelligence, better ground action, investigation and international cooperation.

How do you think Modi should handle the Kashmir issue?

Kashmir issue is an old dispute and he should follow the policies pursued by the previous Indian governments including the NDA government. There is no chance of  forcing his own formula on Pakistan or in the Valley on such a complicated issue, in breach of the policies pursued earlier.