Ansar-al-Islam is here: It’s time to take a hard call on 3 lakh illegal Bangladeshi migrants in Bengaluru

illegal-evictionWith 3 lakh Bangladeshi nationals situated in Bengaluru, members of the Ansar-al-Aslam have found their way into the city. It is time to protect the city from possible threats by terror groups

There are around 3 lakh illegal Bangladeshi migrants in the city and their numbers are only increasing. This was stated by the Bengaluru city police commissioner, Bhaskar Rao, who also added that many were victims of human trafficking and were also being used by those in the construction sector.

While Rao spoke about the population explosion and the rampant activity by illegal immigrants in the construction sector, it is also important to note that these persons are extremely vulnerable and have been used for crimes and terror related activity.

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From land jihad to Islamic jihad: Why we must rejoice the return of illegal Bangladeshis

ilegal-immigrantsNew Delhi, Jan 06: The fear has set in and the charges are up. There is a major exodus of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants back to their home country. The touts are in demand and are today demanding Rs 6,000 to send these persons back to Bangladesh.

The enhanced activity along the border had forced Bangladesh to turn off the mobile services for a day last week. Looking at the demand to get back to Bangladesh, the touts have upped their fee from Rs 3,000 to Rs 6,000.

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Reverse migration to Bangladesh would only increase: Intelligence Bureau sources

banglaNew Delhi, Jan 05: The sudden rise in the rise of Bangladeshis being arrested in Bangladesh could just be the beginning of a major exodus. At least 450 persons have been arrested by the Bangladesh police when they crossed over from India.

Most of the reverse migration is taking place by those who have settled in South India. These are the newer illegal migrants, who have come to India and have no documents.

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Reverse migration of Bangladeshis has begun: Nothing like it, if the trip back is voluntary

bgb-mnA total of 445 Bangladeshi nationals returned from India in the last two months. The verification of their identities found that they were Bangladeshis and it was also found that a few of them were human traffickers.

Over the past couple of days, there have been several reports suggesting that Bangladeshi nationals living illegally in India are returning to their home nation.

The chief Bangladesh’s paramilitary force Director General Maj Gen Md Shafeenul Islam said that a total of 445 Bangladeshi nationals returned from India in the last two months. He said that around 1,000 persons had been arrested in 2019 for illegal border crossings from India to Bangladesh. The verification of their identities found that they were Bangladeshis and it was also found that a few of them were human traffickers, Islam said.

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India’s biggest internal security headache would be the migrants from Bengal, radicals from Kerala

radicals-immigrantsNew Delhi, Jan 01: Illegal immigration and radicalisation are two major national security concerns. The bulk of these problems are contributed by Bengal and Kerala. In many cases, both are directly inter-connected and both these states do not appear to have woken up to the problem, despite being warned. Is it the politics of vote bank?Let us call it that.


Kerala unlike West Bengal has one major positive. It is a 100 per cent literate state. However attached with this is the problem of radicalisation.

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A voter ID for Rs 150 and an assurance of a vote, here’s why Mamata opposes NRC so fiercely

mamata-banerjee-mn1Political interference that deterred officials from eliminating the threat of radical Islamisation by way of sending illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, raids that have unearthed fake voter ID cards, all point to the involvement of those who seek to protect their vested interests by using immigrants and put national security at risk by opposing NRC

In the midst of a heated debate around the NRC, there are several videos doing the rounds in which Bangladeshi nationals are heard saying that they have Indian voter cards and have voted for a particular party in the Opposition, that helped them get these cards.

The NRC is a hot topic and would need to be implemented urgently in the states of West Bengal, Kerala and Karnataka. Although Mamata Banerjee has gone on a rampage against the NRC, the fact remains that it needs to be implemented there first as it is the entry point and it is there where they first procure official government documents.

Busting every single lie Congress has told so far on NRC, NPR and detention centres

caa-1211Bhumidhar Burman, the revenue minister of Assam in 2009 had informed the state Assembly that two detention camps would be set up to house illegal immigrants. It is clear that the detention centres had come up in 2008-09 under the Tarun Gogoi government.

In Assam alone, 70,000 persons, who were declared as illegal immigrants, have vanished. They were to be deported, but they have blended with the rest of the population in the country and remain untraceable.

Before the Supreme Court, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta had submitted that several illegal immigrants had blended with the local population both in Assam and other parts of the country.

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Why India cannot afford to keep the Rohingya Muslims

rohingya-muslimsNew Delhi, Dec 23: Several Rohingya Muslims have said that they do not want to return to Myanmar. Many have made India their home, but the government says that the illegal immigrants have to return.

There are an estimated 40,000 Rohingyas who live in India and all of them had fled Myanmar following the violence that broke out there. The question is whether India can afford to keep them.

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Do vested interests want to renew call for Greater Bangladesh by opposing NRC, CAB

New Delhi, Dec 20: The Opposition has gone from Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and has not only staged protests but also damaged public property. In plain words, the Citizenship law aims at giving citizenship to those religiously persecuted and the NRC aims at identifying the illegal migrants who have now for years stolen the rights of the genuine Indian.

There are nearly 2 crores, illegal immigrants, from Bangladesh and now Myanmar staying in India.

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Let us not deny it, the illegal immigrants would soon agitate for a Greater Bangladesh

immigrantsWhether involved in criminal activities or looking for livelihood, illegal immigrants will soon be in the fight for a Greater Bangladesh

Illegal immigrants is the hot topic and has blown into a full blown political war. Over the years the agencies in India have painstakingly worked to try and control this problem, but the hypocrisy of the political parties and the lust to use them as vote banks has prevented any major action.

When one speaks about the migration from Bangladesh, it is not a human rights problem. It is a clear attempt to establish a Greater Bangladesh and ensure that the bordering areas are always on the boil.

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