Apart from Rashtrapati Bhavan, these are two other residences of the President

presidentresidenceIt is a well know fact that the President of India resides at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. The residence and the office of the President are located in the same building.

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22 year old ISIS sympathiser held in Hyderabad

A 22 year old alleged sympathiser of the Islamic State has been held in Hyderabad. It is alleged that he was speaking with some ISIS handlers over phone and the social media
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Hyderabad ISIS recruits scouted for hideouts to carry major terror strikes: NIA

The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet in the Hyderabad Islamic State case. The NIA has detailed how the module had tried to set up training grounds and a safe house from where attacks were to be launched.
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Why ISIS terrorists are swarming like bees in Hyderabad

ISIS-afghanCentral intelligence agencies say that the growth of ISIS modules in India are emerging mainly from Hyderabad and Kerala. These are two problematic destinations, an Intelligence Bureau official confirmed.

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Fake, investigators say on hijack threat

airport securityA Republic Day protocol was triggered off at three major airports following a hijack threat on Sunday. However investigations that have been conducted suggest that the hijack call was a hoax. Security had been stepped up at the Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai airports following the email.

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Islamic State operative nabbed in Hyderabad

isisHyderbad, Jan 18: The National Investigation Agency has arrested Mohammad Irfan from Hyderabad from Hyderabad for his alleged connections with an Islamic State module.

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How Islamic State operatives in Hyderabad covered their tracks

isis-flag-759The National Investigation Agency which recently bust a module of the Islamic State in Hyderabad has learnt that applications such as Orbot and Orfox were used. These applications are used to hide a user’s internet usage. This technology helped the operatives hide their tracks for a long time until the Intelligence Bureau got the better of them.

The NIA had recently charge-sheeted eight persons in connection with the Hyderabad IS module case. The operatives are believed to have been advised by their handler Shafi Ramar to use such technology to avoid detection. The NIA says that this module was planning a series of attacks on police stations.

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NIA arrests 2 more from Hyderabad in ISIS case

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480Hyderabad, July 12: The ongoing investigations being conducted by the National Investigation Agency has led to the arrest of two more suspected ISIS sympathisers from Hyderabad. The number of arrests is now 7.
The NIA had last month arrested 5 persons from Hyderabad for alleged links with the ISIS.The arrested persons are Yasir Niamatullah and Athaullah Rehman. The NIA accuses them of raising funds.

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90 sleeper cells in Hyderabad and Karimnagar, says IB

July 1: The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has said that the Telangana government must reign in on the large number of sleeper cells in the state. There are key areas in the state which are problem prone and according to the IB there are around 90 sleeper cells in Hyderabad and Karimnagar district.
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NIA busts ISIS module in Hyderabad- 11 arrested, explosives, Rs 15 lakh cash seized

niaIn a major operation conducted by the National Investigation an alleged module of the ISIS in Hyderabad has been busted. NIA officials tell OneIndia that they have arrested 11 persons and seized Rs 15 lakh in cash apart from arms and explosives.
The raids come exactly 5 months after the NIA had arrested four persons in Hyderabad for their alleged links with the ISIS.

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