Goa on high-alert as sea-borne terrorists look to attack

A high-alert has been issued in Goa following intercepts suggesting a terror attack. An alert suggesting sea-borne terrorists could attack the state has led to heightened security in the state.

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The end of terror in sight as Valley placed on ‘highest ever alert’

highalertIndia is on the last phase of terrorism several Union Ministers said in the aftermath of the Amarnath yatra attack in which seven persons were killed. The statements by Hansraj Gangaram Ahir and Jitendra Singh comes in the wake of Kashmir being placed on the highest ever alert.

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Republic Day: India put on ‘very’ high alert

Republic dayNew Delhi, Jan 25: A high alert has been sounded in Jammu and Kashmir ahead of Republic Day.
Intelligence Bureau officials issued the ‘Grade A’ alert and instructed security agencies to prioritise it as ‘very high.’

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