Rajasthan ATS arrest Chennai man for ISIS links

arrestThe Rajasthan ATS has arrested one person from Chennai for alleged terror links. He was arrested in the wee hours of Tuesday from Burma Bazar. He has been identified as Haroon.

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13/7-2 suspects held, probe widens across nationwide

The police are seeking further remand of Riazul Sarkar who was picked up in Bihar in connection with the serial blasts case. The Intelligence Bureau which has been questioning him says that he has links with the Harkat-ul-Jihadi based in Bangladesh, but not many relevant details regarding his links to the serial blasts have cropped up as yet.

His remand may be extended since the National Investigating Agency now wants to question him regarding the same case. He has come across as a very suspicious character and they would try and ascertain if he was in any way connected directly or indirectly with the blasts.

During the probe they found that he was fluent in Kannada and Bengali. However what raised the suspicion that his addresses turned out to be false. The IB says that it is too early to come to any conclusion this man and we are not suggesting that he is involved in the case. However there are certain things that we still need to ascertain about whether he has any real link to the HuJI. The HuJI and the IM are very closely linked and their cadres help each other cross in and out of the border.

Nation wide questioning of the IM operatives continued with police not finding any substantial clues as yet. There is sharing of information between the police and they are picking up leads from interrogation reports. The police are also questioning a man by the name Haroon who is in a jail in Kolkata. This man who is believed to be an IM operative was picked up last month based on an intelligence bureau tip off. Apart from being questioned about the present case the police are also finding out details on his linkages to the sleeper cells and modules in Kolkata.

An official said that there is a lot of focus on the modules from Kolkata since there are some leads indicating that some of the men involved in the blasts could have come from there. Even during the Varanasi blasts the foot soldiers managed to slip out through Kolkata. Moreover the close links between the IM and the HuJI also make Kolkata a hot hub for such operatives.