Meanwhile in Karnataka


Even as the BJP in Karnataka puts up a brave face, it has now decided to submit a memorandum to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and seek the disqualification of 13 MLAs who have openly sided with B S Yeddyurappa. Continue reading “Meanwhile in Karnataka”

No floor test in Karnataka

Governor of Karnataka H R Bharadwaj has said that he will not direct the BJP government to prove its majority on the floor of the house. He informed the media at Bangalore that there is no threat to the government even if 13 B S Yeddyurappa loyalists resign as MLAs.
He added that that he could convene the budget session of the assembly to be held on February 4th. He said that there is no threat to the government at the moment but also added that if more MLAs were to resign then he would consider directing the government to prove its majority on the floor of the house. Continue reading “No floor test in Karnataka”

Govt. is safe- Shettar


Jagadish Shettar, Chief Minister of Karnataka has made it clear that there is no threat to his government. During a meeting with the Governor of Karnataka, H R Bharadwaj Shettar said that the numbers are there and he enjoys absolute majority on the floor of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

The Governor of Karnataka had called on the Chief Minister, and sought details about the state of the government and also the numbers on the floor of the House. He had convened this meeting after 13 legislators had decide to submit their resignations as BJP MLAs. If the resignations are accepted then the BJP government will collapse as they will fall short of magic mark by 8 seats.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly will return to Bangalore on January 28th and these MLAs would make another bid to tender their resignations to him. However the ball is now in the Governor’s court and he would have to decide now if a floor test is needed or not.

Kar- Governor wants floor test

Governor of Karnataka, H R Bharadwaj said on Friday that he will ask the government to prove its majority on the floor of the house.

He informed the media that he has directed his office to check with the officials in the assembly about the position and then tell the Chief Minister to prove his majority.

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Karnataka- rebels email resignations

B S Yeddyurappa loyalists have made another attempt to resign from the Bharatiya Janata Party in Karnataka and this time they have emailed their resignations to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. 14 legislators with the BJP had made an attempt to put in their papers yesterday but had to return as the Speaker of the legislative assembly was not available.

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‘Pity Advani didn’t back you’

When Sadananda Gowda met with Governor of Karnataka H R Bharadwaj to tender his resignation, there was an interesting conversation between the two. Sources privy to the meeting told that the Governor was upset with the political state of affairs and said, it is sad that L K Advani did not turn up to your rescue.
The Governor was very sympathetic towards Gowda and also congratulated him on the way in which he ran the government. You provided a graft free administration. You also provided social justice during your tenure as Chief Minister.
Don’t worry and do not be dejected, the Governor Bharadwaj also told Gowda.
Gowda while thanking the Governor maintained a smile all along before he left Raj Bhavan. A while later Jagadish Shettar met with the Governor and sought an appointment and date for his swearing in ceromony which will be held tomorrow.
The BJP leaders from Karnataka later left for Delhi and held discussions regarding the portfolio allocation, appointment of a Deputy Chief Minister and also the new state president.

Now an anti-Yeddy protest

One one hand when B S Yeddyurappa appeared to have been tamed on the other his rivals have decided to quit the party if he is made the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Five MLAs from the BJP, A Asnotikar, B Jharkiolli, Sampangi and two others also met with the Governor of Karnataka, H R Bharadwaj and urged him to defer the ongoing budget session in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.
They said that when there was such a revolt on and the government appeared divided it would not be right to go on with the budget session.
Later these MLAs, three of them who are ministers met with state party president, K S Eshwarappa and said that at any cost, Yeddyurappa should not be made the CM once again. They have threatened to quit the party if Yeddyurappa who is now in Delhi is reinstated.
Meanwhile all eyes are on the Yeddyurappa trip to Delhi where he would meet with senior leaders to find an amicable solution to the ongoing problems.

Jagan-Will TDP fight the Congress battle?

Will TDP fight this war now? Pic-

A couple of days back, Telegu Desam Party supermo and former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu paid a visit to the Governor of Karnataka, H R Bharadwaj. Tongues wagged in Andhra Pradesh questioning the logic behind this meeting. While one version was that he was in Karnataka to hand over documents pertaining to illegal mining as both the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are inter connected in this racket, the other version is that he was here to chalk out a strategy against Jagan Mohan Reddy, the founder of the YSR Congress Party.

A couple of months back, Jagan had stated that there is no longer an opposition party in Andhra Pradesh as the TDP is working alongside the Congress. Today in Andhra Pradesh political circles that is a popular opinion and it is believed that there is an attempt being made to wipe out Jagan and his forces.

At the outset it always appeared that it was the Congress which was fighting against Jagan. During his various public meetings, Jagan often accused only the Congress of trying to finish him and also his father’s name in the state. He had positioned his battle in Andhra Pradesh as YSR Vs Sonia Gandhi. Even the MLAs that he roped into his fold were from the Congress.

The Congress on the other hand too hit back at Jagan. First they tightened the screws around his party and then there were a host of cases which slowed down Jagan to a great deal.

Today what every political party in Andhra Pradesh barring the Telangana region have realised is that the biggest fight that could be witnessed in the next elections would be from Jagan Mohan Reddy. Various exit polls even today show that it would be Jagan all the way in any of the elections that the state would face.

Sources now say that in the days to come the fight would not be directly between the Congress and Jagan. Instead it would be the TDP which would replace the Congress in this battle for Andhra Pradesh. What the Congress has realised today is that any action they have been taking against Jagan has been back firing and he has been walking away with the sympathy which in turn has made him only stronger. A large majority of the population in rural AP believe that he was wronged by the Congress and now that he is out he is being targeted. The Congress appears to have lost more than gained. They may have ensured that Jagan has not gone too aggressive against their government and pulled it down, but looking at the picture in the long run they seem to have realised that they losing a vote share in a majority of the state.

The TDP too on the other hand realises that with the emergence of Jagan it has gone down to the third position in the state. According to sources there is an unseen agreement between both the TDP and the Congress to target Jagan. In the days to come one could witness more basing from the TDP end against Jagan and the Congress would want this war to look more like a TDP vs Jagan war.

Signs of this were first seen when the TDP started to file the cases against Jagan and his assets. The TDP is proposing to file more such cases against Jagan and let the law do the rest. They are now looking to target him further in the cases of illegal mining and the TDP is dishing up documents in this regard. They would now look to prove the nexus Jagan has with the Reddy brothers of Bellary and if this they manage to establish they could scuttle Jagan a great deal at least in the Andhra Karnataka border.

Political observers from Andhra Pradesh say it may seem strange that the opposition and the ruling party are working hand in hand over here. They do realise that they have a common enemy on hand and it is very important that they target him. The Congress has realised that them targeting Jagan has only favoured him and hence they feel that if the TDP does this job it will look like a natural fight between two political parties. Despite this internal alliance between the Congress and the TDP, one cannot say that the two would tie up for the elections. The Congress would want the TDP to do this work and would rather face this party instead of Jagan in the next elections.

Today Ghulam Nabi Azad is in Hyderabad and is holding a series of meetings with his party workers. Sources in the Congress say that they have been asked to lie low on the Jagan issue while the other political parties would do the job of target him. They have realised that any targeting that is being done by the Congress is only giving him the advantage.

Naidu-Kar Guv meeting sets tongues wagging

The visit by Telegu Desam Party supremo, Chandrababu Naidu to the Karnataka Raj Bhavan has set tongues wagging in Andhra Pradesh. Naidu was in Bangalore today and held a bried meeting with the Governor of Karnataka, H R Bharadwaj.
No one is prepared to give the official reason for the visit. However sources claim that Naidu was at the Raj Bhavan to submit records pertaining to illegal mining. In Andhra Pradesh Naidu has been making noises regarding illegal mining. It is said that he handed over some documents as the scam is inter connected between the two states.
However Naidu’s opposers in AP say that it makes no sense. The CBI is seized off the matter and if documents had to be submitted it should have been submitted to the agency and not the Governor of Karnataka. They further suspect that what the Jagan camp has been saying could be true following this meeting. The Jagan camp has accused Naidu many times of cozying up to the Congress. It has also said that there is no opposition in AP due to this nexus between the TDP and the Congress.

Guv seconds Justice Hegde for 2nd term

Governor of Karnataka, H R Bharadwaj sprung a surprise today when he said that he would immediately sign the papers if the government proposed the name of Justice Santhosh Hegde for the post of Lokayukta.
Speaking at a function today at Bangalore, the Governor said that he would have no problem in agreeing to the candidature of Justice Hegde if the government decided to appoint him as Lokayukta once again.
However he also added that he would also have no problem in approving anyother name provided the person was honest and a man of integrity. Justice Hegde was however unable for comment.
The government of Karnataka is however in no mood to re appoint Justice Hegde as the Lokayukta. The name of Justice Bannur Math which was suggested by the government was rejected by the governor. After this the post of Lokayukta has remained vacant ever since and it has also raised a debate as to whether the government wants to close down the Lokayukta office al together.