‘Mumbhai’: Explosive laden vehicle, uranium and now 12k gelatine sticks

New Delhi, May 19: First it was an explosives laden vehicle parked outside the home of Mukesh Ambani. Following this was a seizure of uranium and now the Thane police have seized around 12,000 gelatine sticks from the Karivali area in Bhiwandi. 

Acting on a tip-off the police seized 63 boxes of 12,000 gelatine sticks and four boxes of 3,008 detonators. However there is no indication that these are linked to the vehicle parked outside the home of Ambani with 20 gelatine sticks. 

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Goa update

‎The Goa police who are probing the explosion that took place at Madgaon a while ago now suspect that gelatine sticks could have caused the blast. The bomb squad has been pressed into service and would be able to provide a correct analysis of the materials used in the explosion.
Madgaon has a lot of industries and this explosion occured at a place where workers were staying. The use of gelatine sticks here is normally for industrial purposes.