Out at two, still at three: Why are the India-China talks not moving forward

India-ladakh-armyNew Delhi, Aug 21: The Chinese troops have disengaged and moved back from the Galwan Valley and Hot Springs. However they are yet to vacate the Pangong Tso Finger areas.

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Untenable, exaggerated, says India on China’s Galwan Valley claim

galwan2New Delhi, July 10: India has rejected China’s claim on the Galwan Valley as exaggerated and untenable.

A statement that was released by the Chinese Foreign Ministry after the talks between National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval and China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi did not make a subtle reference to Beijing’s claim of sovereignty on the Galwan Valley.

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As Chinese disengagement continues, India remains ‘very cautious’

galwanvalley-3aNew Delhi, July 08: There has been disengagement along the Line of Control, but India continues to monitor the situation closely and remains ‘very cautious,’ sources familiar with the developments said.
While keeping in view the disengagement agreement, Indian troops withdrew 1.5 kilometres after the Chinese pulled back its troops at the Galwan Valley. There would however be a moratorium on patrolling for sometime as agreed during the military commander level talks held on June 30.

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More disengagement by Chinese at contested regions

in-chinNew Delhi, July 07: China has withdrawn troops at least by one kilometre in the Galwan River Valley.

Further temporary structures that were built by the Chinese at the illegally occupied site are also being removed. This was the site at which the violent brawl had taken place in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred and 35 Chinese soldiers were either killed or injured.

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As tensions de-escalate at Galwan Valley, focus now moves to Gogra, Pangong Tso

in-chinNew Delhi, July 07: There has been major de-escalation along the Line of Actual Control. The Chinese military camp that was re-constructed at PP14 in Galwan Valley has been completely dismantled. Further the troops and materials have also been taken back in vehicles.

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Rearward movement of Chinese vehicles spotted at Galwan, Hot-Springs, Gogra

in-chinNew Delhi, July 06: In accordance with the terms agreed between the military commanders, the Chinese have started disengaging along the Line of Actual Control.

The PLA has been removing tents and structures at PP14. There has also been rearward movement of vehicles at Galwan, Hot-Springs and Gogra. While the distances are yet to be ascertained, India continues to maintain a cautious approach.

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Amidst tense standoff, China goes back 2 kilometres at Galwan Valley

Chinese_ArmyNew Delhi, July 06: The Chinese Army has moved back tents and troops by around 2 kilometres.
Army sources tell OneIndia that the withdrawal is at those points where the disengagement was agreed upon during the three rounds of military commander level talks held between the two sides.

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Who is Galwan Valley named after and what is the India-China dispute about

galwan2Galwan Valley became a flash point on June 15, when a violent brawl broke out between Indian and Chinese soldiers.

20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the incident, while 35 Chinese soldiers were either killed or injured. The incident took place at a time when the soldiers of both sides are locked in a tense stand off with each other.

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PM Modi meets soldiers injured in Galwan Valley clash

modi-leh1New Delhi, July 03: Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with the soldiers who were injured in the Galwan Valley clash with China. 20 soldiers were martyred in the clash, while 35 Chinese soldiers were killed or injured in the incident.

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India-China agree to pullback, but effects yet to be seen on ground

indo-china-2aNew Delhi, July 02: Both India and China have agreed to restart the pullback at Galwan Valley and Hot Springs. It may be recalled that both sides had agreed on the pullback on June 2, but the process got derailed due to the violent brawl that took place on June 15.

While both sides are in agreement, there has however been no disengagement on the ground, sources tell OneIndia. Both sides during the talks held on Tuesday emphasised that there was a need to pullback. The modalities are being worked out, the source cited above said.

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