Funding naxals: NIA arrests one from Bihar

The National Investigation Agency has arrested one person from Bihar in connection with a naxalite related case. Umesh Kumar Yaddav, a resident of Bihar was arrested under the provisions of the Arms Act.

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How Christian missionaries are funding naxals, their urban friends to ‘BREAK INDIA’


It is often said that the West has four wings of the armed forces-The Army, Airforce, Navy and the Church. Several security analysts and officials say that the problem being posed by the Christian missionaries is immense. Like Islamic terrorism which is a more open threat, the threat posed by a large section of missionaries is veiled, but extremely dangerous.

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In the dense forests of Khunti how opium is grown to fund naxalites

naxals-khuntiIn the dense forests of Khunti district in Jharkhand, there are villagers who are walking back home with quick money. It is quite strange when a large number of villagers from the state of Jharkhand have migrated to other places in search of employment, this small district has the population intact.

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