Dr Sabeel charged: There is no connection between low education, poverty and Islamic terror

New Delhi, Feb 23: The National Investigation Agency on Monday filed a supplementary against Dr. Sabeel Ahmed and another person in connection with a terror conspiracy case. Part of a Lashkar-e-Tayiba, the duo along with others were planning on killing Hindu leaders in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana.

Ahmed is the brother of Kafeel Ahmed, who was the Glasgow bomber. Both sons are from a affluent family, highly educated, lived in a plush locality of Bengaluru. 

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Plot to kill Hindus in Bengaluru, Nanded, Hyderabad: NIA charges two Lashkar operatives

New Delhi, Feb 22: The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet in connection with a Lashkar-e-Tayiba conspiracy case.

The NIA filed the chargesheet against, Dr. Sabeel Ahmed alias Motu Doctor of Bengaluru and Assadullah Khan of Hyderabad. 

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Lashkar’s anti Hindu module: NIA gets Dr. Motu in its custody

sabeel-terrorNew Delhi, Aug 31: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested Dr Sabeel Ahmed in connection with a Lashkar-e-Tayiba recruitment case of 2012.

He is the brother of Kafeel Ahmed who was involved in the 2007 suicide attack at the Glasgow airport. Dr. Ahmed was deported from Saudi Arabia, where he had been working for several years. The NIA arrested him at the Delhi airport upon his arrival.

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Motu Doctor, a terror suspect always on the wrong side of the law

sabeel-terrorMotu Doctor is an alias that was used by Dr Sabeel Ahmed. This is a pretty familiar name and it had first cropped up during the Glasgow attack of 2007.
He is the brother of  Kafeel Ahmed, an Engineer from Bengaluru, the mastermind who died in the Glasgow attack at the United Kingdom.

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For family of this terror suspect from Bengaluru, the worries never end

sabeel-terrorWhen he returned to India 7 years back, his family had heaved a sigh of relief. This is Dr Sabeel Ahmed who was deported from the United Kingdom after his brother Kafeel Ahmed had carried out a suicide attack at the Glasgow Airport on June 29 2007.
Kafeel and Sabeel are the sons of two doctors who reside at the Banashankari area in Bengaluru. The mother, Dr Zakia Ahmed was shocked to hear the news of her son, Kafeel being involved in a terror plot in the United Kingdom. Dealing with the news of her son’s death in the attack, she had another worry on hand and that was her other son had been detained by the UK police.

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Motu doctor- That is not me

sabeel_ahmed_20080616A section of the media referried to Dr Sabeel Ahmed, the brother of the Glasgow Bomber (Kafeel Ahmed) as the Motu doctor of the Bangalore assassination plot. The man himself now informs that this is far from true.

I am working in Saudi Arabia as a doctor since 2008. I am deeply distressed and shocked to see my name crop up in a case that has been under investigation from sometime in 2012. The accusation is that police are fairly sure that a certain “motu doctor” is none other than me.

Firstly, no one, and I emphasize, no one has ever referred to me as “motu doctor.” The news articles have been falsely claiming that during the trauma that I underwent in the United Kingdom. Some journalists have interviewed some persons who used to refer to me as “motu”. This was never the case. Thus, the whole story of me being the “motu doctor” is a deliberate move to defame me and unnecessarily sully my name. Continue reading “Motu doctor- That is not me”