Dawood rises :From a Karachi drug transhipment point to a transnational terror outfit

The proceeds that the Dawood Ibrahim syndicate has earned from drug proceeds have been used to diversify the business. They traffic weapons, counterfeit DVDs and also provide financial services through their vast hawala network.

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Taking the fight to Dawood: How India caused trouble in ‘gangster’s paradise’

LeT man Naseer reveals Dawood funds terror in IndiaTaking the fight to Dawood Ibrahim was important. The don’s biggest strength has been his money and lavish properties that he owns across the world. He has been an asset for the ISI primarily for this reasons and several intelligence reports have indicated clearly that the money that Dawood raises is used to fund terror related activities. Here is an exclusive OneIndia investigation which shows how India took the fight to Dawood Ibrahim and broke his syndicate.

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The safe house where Shakeel met Dawood before he died

dawoodhouseWith Chhota Shakeel dead is Dawood Ibrahim planning an exit from Pakistan? While it was stated that he was planning to move out of Pakistan and return to India, the don may have other plans.

Dawood aide Shakeel, dead, alive or broken away: NOTA says the syndicate

chhotashakeelThe timing of an audio clip being released suggesting that Dawood Ibrahim’s close aide Chhota Shakeel may be dead is quite interesting. There has been no confirmation or denial by the central agencies who say that they are looking into the issue in-depth.

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If Dawood aide Chhota Shakeel is dead, then who has been speaking to the media

chhotashakeelThere are reports doing the rounds that Dawood Ibrahim’s closest aide Chhota Shakeel is dead. A report in the Hindustan Times said that Shakeel had died in January and there were two versions to the story.

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Chhota Shakeel may be with ‘bhai,’ but the succession battle is killing the D-Syndicate

On Wednesday, there were reports that Dawood Ibrahim’s most trusted aide Chhota Shakeel had broken away from the D-Syndicate. A day later Shakeel denied the development and said that he is with Dawood.

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Split wide open: Has Chhota Shakeel broken away from Dawood

Is there a split in the D Gang. A recent development reported by the Indian intelligence agencies suggests that Dawood Ibrahim’s trusted man, Chhota Shakeel has moved away from the Clifton residence where the don stays.

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Dawood goes into depression after son becomes maulana in Karachi

dawoodDawood Ibrahim’s son decided not to follow his legacy. He has become a maulana at a Mosque in Karachi and does not live with his father.

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Gujarat polls: From Dawood to a neta, how the Angadias are being used

blackmoney_budgeThe scanner is on the Angadias following an expose that suggested huge sums of black money was being brought in for the Gujarat elections. With the Election Commission capping the expenditure at Rs 28 lakh per candidate, many are relying heavily on black money.

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Inspired by a Rajini movie, this man tried to extort money in Dawood’s name

mohsinfirozkhanHe watched a Rajinikanth movie in which the star is telling corrupt officials to deposit money. This salesman from Maharashtra thought it would be a good idea to extort money from his customers.

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