Chhota Shakeel may be with ‘bhai,’ but the succession battle is killing the D-Syndicate

On Wednesday, there were reports that Dawood Ibrahim’s most trusted aide Chhota Shakeel had broken away from the D-Syndicate. A day later Shakeel denied the development and said that he is with Dawood.

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Split wide open: Has Chhota Shakeel broken away from Dawood

Is there a split in the D Gang. A recent development reported by the Indian intelligence agencies suggests that Dawood Ibrahim’s trusted man, Chhota Shakeel has moved away from the Clifton residence where the don stays.

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Dawood goes into depression after son becomes maulana in Karachi

dawoodDawood Ibrahim’s son decided not to follow his legacy. He has become a maulana at a Mosque in Karachi and does not live with his father.

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Gujarat polls: From Dawood to a neta, how the Angadias are being used

blackmoney_budgeThe scanner is on the Angadias following an expose that suggested huge sums of black money was being brought in for the Gujarat elections. With the Election Commission capping the expenditure at Rs 28 lakh per candidate, many are relying heavily on black money.

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Inspired by a Rajini movie, this man tried to extort money in Dawood’s name

mohsinfirozkhanHe watched a Rajinikanth movie in which the star is telling corrupt officials to deposit money. This salesman from Maharashtra thought it would be a good idea to extort money from his customers.

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Dawood’s thriving business not restricted to India-Pakistan alone

dawoodibrahimThe call records of Iqbal Kaskar clearly suggest that the entire extortion racket was being run by Dawood Ibrahim. Over a 100 VoIP calls were made by Kaskar to his brother Dawood and various issues from family to business were discussed.

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How Dawood bypassed the telephone network to run extortion racket

dawoodibrahimA big revelation has come out during the probe into the extortion racket that was being run by the D-Company. Details of how an illegal telephone exchange helped bypass the network has emerged in the probe being conducted following the arrest of Iqbal Kaskar, brother of Dawood Ibrahim.

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IB steps in to probe Dawood’s brother Iqbal Kaskar

iqbalkaskarThe Intelligence Bureau has stepped in and is keeping a close tab on the probe against Iqbal Kaskar, brother of Dawood Ibrahim. The IB has taken a copy of the FIR which names Dawood Ibrahim in the extortion case.

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Why is ISI not letting Dawood return to India

dawoodAs India tries to bring Dawood Ibrahim to justice, his brother, Iqbal Kaskar has said that the ISI would never allow that. Amidst reports that Dawood was looking to get back to India, Kaskar told the police that the ISI would ensure that never happened.

The question now is whether Dawood continues to be a utility for the ISI or is a spent force living at the mercy of the agency owing to past glory.

D-Gang’s land empire comes under ED scanner

Dawood-_10The Thane police which is probing an extortion case has learnt that a matka operator had been investing in land on behalf of Dawood Ibrahim. This came to light during the questioning of Iqbal Kaskar, brother of the Dawood.

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