With sons of Dawood and Shakeel becoming maulanas, who will run the D-Syndicate?

New Delhi, Aug 27: It appears as though the succession battles within the underworld have taken a turn. While it was largely expected that Dawood Ibrahim would be succeeded by his son and Chhota Shakeel his, there has been a major twist in the tale.

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The don is depressed, brother in charge and not all is well in Dawood paradise

New Delhi, Aug 22: There is more than what meets the eye in the arrest of Jabir Moti, the chief financial manager of Dawood Ibrahim. This arrest made in London only goes on to show the increasing rift in the D-syndicate, which had begun with a succession battle between Dawood brother Anees Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel.

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Taking the fight to Dawood: How India caused trouble in ‘gangster’s paradise’

LeT man Naseer reveals Dawood funds terror in IndiaTaking the fight to Dawood Ibrahim was important. The don’s biggest strength has been his money and lavish properties that he owns across the world. He has been an asset for the ISI primarily for this reasons and several intelligence reports have indicated clearly that the money that Dawood raises is used to fund terror related activities. Here is an exclusive OneIndia investigation which shows how India took the fight to Dawood Ibrahim and broke his syndicate.

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Chhota Shakeel is dead: Here is the ISI’s impersonator who runs the D-Syndicate now

rahimmerchantChhota Shakeel is dead and the entire D-Syndicate has been taken over by the ISI. There were doubts whether Shakeel the man who ran the India operations for the D-syndicate was dead or not. Highly placed sources have now confirmed that Shakeel had indeed died in January 2017.

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Dawood aide Shakeel, dead, alive or broken away: NOTA says the syndicate

chhotashakeelThe timing of an audio clip being released suggesting that Dawood Ibrahim’s close aide Chhota Shakeel may be dead is quite interesting. There has been no confirmation or denial by the central agencies who say that they are looking into the issue in-depth.

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D-Syndicate shaken by split reports: Here is how they controlling the damage

There have been a series of denials following the report about Chhota Shakeel breaking away from Dawood Ibrahim. An audio clips is now in circulation in which the news is being denied.

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Chhota Shakeel may be with ‘bhai,’ but the succession battle is killing the D-Syndicate

On Wednesday, there were reports that Dawood Ibrahim’s most trusted aide Chhota Shakeel had broken away from the D-Syndicate. A day later Shakeel denied the development and said that he is with Dawood.

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On Dawood’s payroll are retired Mumbai cops too, says Chhota Rajan

New Delhi, Nov 11: Some retired police personnel from Mumbai continue to act as informers and middlemen for Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Rajan has told the CBI. Rajan who is in the custody of the CBI has named 18 officers from Mumbai who he suspects have been leaning towards Dawood Ibrahim and his gang members as a result of which the D Syndicate has flourished the don who was deported recently from Indonesia has revealed. The list of officers both working and former will be provided to the Maharashtra Government in a few days, sources informed OneIndia.
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How fighting the Boko Haram can weaken the D-Syndicate

boko-haramNew Delhi, Oct 28: Help us fight the Boko Haram was one of the requests made by the African nations to India. The Boko Haram which is today a partner of the dreaded ISIS is a major concern not just for Africa, but India as well.

While the activities of the Boko Haram in Africa have only become stronger over the years, the tie up with the ISIS has made the outfit even more lethal. India has a lot to gain when it teams up with Africa to fight the Boko Haram.

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Dawood-politician nexus, this book promises to be a thriller

Dawood-_10There is a general perception that bringing back Dawood Ibrahim to India would rake up such a storm that many politicians and police personnel would have to find better places to hide.
It is a well known fact that Dawood ran and continues to run his deadly syndicate with the help of politicians and police personnel especially in Maharashtra, the state where the don originally hails from.
While it is still unclear when and how Dawood would be brought back to India, the country would now watch out for a tell all book, Liaisoner with the Smuggler written by one of his former aides, Babloo Srivastava which threatens to reveal the nexus between the D-syndicate and the politicians of the country.

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