CWG: Manmohan Singh passed the buck, should have led by example says report

manmohanThe Prime Minister’s Office under Dr. Manmohan Singh passed the buck with regard to Congress leader Suresh Kalmadi in connection with the Commonwealth Games scam. The Public Accounts Committee adopted the 2010 CWG report which had accused the then PMO of passing the buck with regard to Kalmadi’s appointment as the head of the organising committee and faulty supervision of the games which was hit by scams.

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How will history remember Dr Manmohan Singh

Manmohan-SinghWith the budget session all set to commence, India waits with anticipation to see what the new government has to offer.

While we need to wait and see what the government has to offer in the upcoming budget, let us not forget Dr Manmohan Singh who as the finance minister of the country introduced dramatic changes between 1991 and 1996 which many term as a Golden Era in Indian economics.

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Advani rally at Blore


If we need to fight corruption we need to be clean ourselves. This is what L K Advani had to say at the rally at Bangalore on Sunday.
Advani who addressed a rally amidst a heavy downpour did not take names of any tainted BJP minister in Karnataka while addressing the issue of corruption. He however said that his stand remains the same. I had said in April last corruption will be fought but I would not tolerate it in my own party. We have been strict where corruption is concerned. We acted immediately when the Lokayukta report on illegal mining was out.
That was the extent that Advani addressed the corruption issue in Karnataka. He stuck largely to the corruption in the UPA government.
I had a lot of respect for Dr Manmohan Singh when he was an official. However today I don’t respect him as he runs the most corrupt government ever.
This government has been responsible for the biggest scams the nation has seen. The 2G scam has been the biggest. Then there is CWG and Adarsh and for each of these scams, the UPA has been responsible.
While these are the major issues what I was most pained by is the nuclear deal. We entered into a deal with a country which looked down upon us. Despite the CPI(M) pulling out of the government they still went ahead with the deal.
Infact to save their government they flaunted corruption to such an extent that it led to the cash for votes scam. However our party led by example and despite three of my MP’s being approached they refused to sell out.
I would also like to point the black money issue here. When the NDA was in power we did ask the Swiss Bank very many times for details. Hoever we never got them. Today the rules are different. I don’t see why the UPA cannot bring that money back. But despite me writing to the PM thrice he has not acted on it
I am pained by this and hence decided to set out on a yatra. This yatra is aimed at waking the people up against corruption. I wish the people of India realise the gravity of the situstion.
The stage on which Advani addressed the crowd was something that every journalist watched. It was. Clear message that none of the tainted ministers were allowed on stage. R Ashok home minister and also Bangalore in chare minister wss absebt. He has an FIR against him in connection with a land denotification case. The others present on stage were Chief Minister D Sadananda Gowda, state party president K Eshwarappa, Ananth Kunar among others.