India watching: China in Balochistan as ISIS grows stronger

Gwadar port
Gwadar port

India is watching developments in Balochistan with a hawk’s eye. The worry in Balochistan for India is China and there is a considerable amount of intelligence trickling in to suggest that there is enhanced activity by the Chinese in the region.

On one hand the Chinese claim that 100 of its nationals are fighting alongside the ISIS and on the other the ISIS has gradually begun making its mark in Balochistan.

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Review of China port deal in Sri Lanka- Big relief for India

When it comes to Indo-Sri Lankan ties the biggest concern has always been China. The Chinese have come dangerously close to India and this is not something that New Delhi was every happy with.
New Delhi had realized that Rajapaksa was in fact playing the Chinese against India and the docking of the two submarines was proof of this.
srlankaHowever, the new regime in Sri Lanka under Mathripala Sirisena appears to have started out on the right note for India and the decision to review the billion dollar port deal with China Communications Construction Company Ltd is one step in this direction.

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Sri Lanka’s balancing act hurts India’s national security

images730021_1The importance of Sri Lanka cannot be ruled out when we speak of India’s national security especially down south. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has made some good will gestures especially after the Narendra Modi government came to power, but the question is whether he is doing enough. Rajapaksa has been both condemned and applauded for his handling of the LTTE. While this is a matter that is best left to debate, what strikes everyone the most is that following the eradication of the LTTE, Sri Lanka did little to ensure that other groups which act contrary to India’s national interest did not set up a base there.
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The Himalayan Face off -Work it out or prepare for the worst

himaIn spite of unsettled 3,488 kilometres of boundary dispute and other security concerns with China over its all weather friendship with Pakistan, New Delhi attaches utmost importance to maintain good relations with that country. With an assertive China imposing its security perspective in East Asia and upgrading its defence relationship in South Asia, India has a lot to be worried about.
The Himalayan Face-off: Chinese Assertion and the Indian Riposte to be released on March 15th, authored by Shishir Gupta says in his book that even if bilateral trade between India and China goes beyond $100 billion in the coming years, China’s posture towards India is adversarial and will perhaps remain so in the future, with Beijing viewing New Delhi through the prism of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile. Shishir Gupta, Deputy Executive Editor with the Hindustan Times who also authored the best-selling book “Indian Mujahideen: The enemy within” says that the basic trigger of the book was the PLA incursion in Depsang Plains in Eastern Ladakh last April. In this interview with Gupta says that with a staggering defence budget of USD 132 billion with a double digit increase in the past three years, India needs to be prepared for all eventualities in the accident prone relationship.

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DRDO hack- Time to look within

hackedAround 50 computers of the DRDO were hacked and there is a good possibility that some crucial information could have been compromised. While the finger is always pointed towards a foreign agency, sources say that several officers do not follow the standard operating procedure as a result of which agencies of China and Pakistan find it easy to hack into our networks.
In the latest incident the probe has found that a major from Andaman Nicobar could have either compromised the information or was being careless as a result of which this incident could have occurred.

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China’s war from South continues

huwWhen it comes to hacking, India’s biggest concern is China. The recent statement by the ministry of Information and Technology before the Parliament is an indicator of the same. India has alleged that the Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei has hacked into the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. Network in Andhra Pradesh and a probe into the same has been ordered.
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Hacked?? CBI, FBI trail 600 million fraud

A burglar opening a safe that is a computer screen

The CBI has made one arrest so far and his questioning is leading to them to more clues about these hacking hubs which are present in India, It appears to be a well established world wide network sources tell and these hackers have duped innocent people of crores of rupees.

It is a major syndicate and teams have been created in various countries. There are around 16 such hubs in India and their job is to hack into US websites create an identity theft and dupe people of their money, sources also pointed out. The agencies suspect that the hacking hubs have gathered over 260 million account debit and credit card numbers and the amount involved in this could well easily be over 600 million dollars.

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US-China war in South India?

us_ship_tuticorin_295The mystery around the ship carrying arms and ammunition caught at the Tuticorin port appears to be getting deeper. Although for some strange reason the investigations are moving at a snail’s pace, preliminary reports would suggest that the huge cache of arms and ammunition were being smuggled into the Indian territory.

The investigators had found 35 assault rifles and nearly 4000 rounds of ammunition on the vessel. Investigators say that the vessel belongs to a company called AdvanFort and is owned by a US based billionaire by the name Samir Farajallah. It is said that he lives in the vicinity of the White House which raises even more suspicion about a direct American link to the issue.

While investigators state categorically that the ship had brought in the weapons as part of a smuggling deal, it is not yet clear where the ammunition was going to be off loaded. The ship had docked at Kochi before getting into Tamil Nadu waters where it was caught finally.

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China attack from South- Horror on TN port

kodikkarai-beachKodikarrai fishing port in Tamil Nadu was once upon a time used by Sri Lankan smugglers who brought in opium and took back beedis and tobacco in exchange. Today the picture is different and deadly. With the help of the Chinese, Sri Lankan smugglers use the same port of Koddikarrai to bring in arms and channelize them into Northern Kerala.

Coastal security continues to be a major cause for concern and the lessons that we have learnt post 26/11 are very few. The presence of MV Seaman Guard Ohio is just one such example of poor coastal security.
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Buddhist radicals or IM- Who gains?

Pic: Indian Express
Pic: Indian Express

Who had the motive to carry out such an audacious attack on such a peaceful place in Bihar? Investigators are looking into every angle and while the Indian Mujahideen finger print appears to be the strongest, the police are also finding out if some Buddhist radicals could have been behind the attack.

Former Chief of the Researach and Analysis Wing, C D Sahay explains to the various possibilities and why he feels that this attack could be the handiwork of an Islamic group called the Indian Mujahideen.

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