Sheep campaign and a tamarind tree

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Pic: Deccan Chronicle

We have heard of some very bizarre superstitions that the candidates from Karnataka followed while filing their nominations for the Karnataka Assembly Elections. The scene during the campaign trail is also no different and there are two interesting aspects to this effect which have been found at Haveri and Shirahatti both in Northern Karnataka. Continue reading “Sheep campaign and a tamarind tree”


BSY’s son suspended

The BJP has finally suspended B Y Raghavendra, son of B SYeddyurappa from the party. The action comes in the wake of anti parties activities which have been alleged against him. Raghavendra remained a BJP, MP even after his father quit the BJP. He was always seen alongside his father at KJP functions.
The party has also suspended Shivakumar son of C M Udasi who is also a Yeddyurappa loyalist. The suspension of both leaders comes four weeks before the Karnataka Assembly elections to be held next month.

Kar- 2 resignations accepted

The Karnataka Governor has accepted the resignations of two BJP ministers- Shobha Karandlage and C M Udasi. The two ministers who had tendered their resignations to the Chief Minister two days will now join the Karnataka Janatha Party headed by B S Yeddyurappa.
The Chief Minister had forwarded their resignations to the Governor and shortly after the two met to discuss the crisis in the state, the resignations were accepted.

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14 BJP MLA’s set to quit

The BJP in Karnataka appears to be on the brink of losing its government as 14 MLAs have reached the Vidhan Soudha to tender their resignations. The decision to quit their positions as MLAs was taken after all these persons who are loyalists of B S Yeddyurappa decided on the same at a breakfast meeting earlier this morning. Continue reading “14 BJP MLA’s set to quit”

Two Karnataka ministers quit

There is trouble ahead for the BJP government in Karnataka with two key ministers tendering their resignations. Shobha Karandlage and C M Udasi have both tendered their resignations as ministers in the BJP government. However both have not quit their posts as MLAs which technically means that they are still members of the BJP.

Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar who was handed over the resignation papers confirmed the same and said that there has been no decision that has been taken as yet. The matter is being discussed and only then a decision on whether to accept the resignations or not will be taken. Continue reading “Two Karnataka ministers quit”

Back to square one- 9 Yeddyurappa loyalists quit

It is as usual crisis time in Karnataka and nine ministers loyal to former Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa have quit the cabinet. Jagadish Shettar, the Chief Minister in waiting, Yeddyurappa’s close aide Shobha Karandlage and seven others including
Basavaraj Bommai, V Somana, Renukacharya, C M Udasi submitted their resignations to the Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda at his residence.
Although their letter does not seek a change in leadership, they say that the MLAs have lost confidence in him. It also states that despite so many requests a legislature party meeting had not been convened.
The resignation of these nine cabinet ministers has no threat to the government as of now. The strength of the party in the house is intact. However there is expected to be more resignations in a day or two and the Yeddyurappa camp has been pushing for a change in CM.
In the last communication to the central leadership, the Yeddyurappa camp had sought that Jagadish Shettar be made the CM. He is a lingayat and the BJP needs this vote bank. However party president Eshwarappa also stated that he is a contender to the post.
Meanwhile another set of BJP MLAs loyal to Sadananda Gowda have threatened to quit if the leadership is changed. A meeting of these MLAs has been convened at 3 PM ahead of Dharmendra Pradhan coming down to Bangalore tomorrow.

Seven Yeddyurappa loyalists quit

Stepping up the pressure on Karnataka Chief Minister D Sadananda Gowda, seven ministers loyal to Yeddyurappa have quit the Karnataka cabinet.
The seven ministers said that since the Chief Minister has lost confidence in them they have decided to quit. They have also authorised Yeddyurappa to decide on their future course of action.
Those who quit are Shobha Karandlaje, Basavaraj Bommai, Umesh Katti, C M Udasi, V Somanna, M P Renukacharya and Murugesh Nirani. All seven of them submitted their resignations to Yeddyurappa. It would depend on Yeddyurappa now whether to forward their resignations to the party president or not. Two more ministers are expected to quit by tomorrow.
The ministers said it would not be right for them to stick on after being accused of anti party activities. This move is however been seen as a pressure tactic by Yeddyurappa to ensure more cabinet berths for his loyalists. He is desperate for more hold on the government now after the Supreme Court on Friday ordered a CBI probe against him.
Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda has said that no one has submitted any resignations to him.Consultations between Yeddyurappa and his loyalists will continue late into the night and even tomorrow.

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