Operative portion: Why court acquitted all arraigned as accused in the Babri demolition case

New Delhi, Sep 30: A special CBI court has acquitted all the accused in connection with the Babri Masjid demolition case. The court observed that there was no evidence against the accused persons.

The court also said that there was no evidence to say that the demolition was a pre-planned one. 

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13/7- whose email was it?

An email that was sent out after the serial blasts has come under scrutiny. The Union Home Secretary in New Delhi said today that apart from the 16 CDs containing footage of the images picked up the CCTVs there is also a mail that is being verified and this mail had been sent out after the blasts.

According to investigators who are now looking into this email, the same was sent in the name of a Telangana activist claiming responsibility for the blasts. Investigators had rubbished this and said that there is absolutely no connection between the blasts and the activities in that state and this mail is nothing but a diversionary tactic on part of the persons who actually carried out the blasts.

This email was sent a couple of hours after the blasts stating that this incident was carried out since the government was not handing over a separate state. However the origin of the mail is what makes it interesting. The mail has been tracked down to the Gulf and emerged from there that night, sources also said.

The mailing culture after a blast was started by the Indian Mujahideen and it was during those serial blasts that rocked Bangalore Ahmedabad and Delhi did mails start to come out regularly. When the IM was formed and the Uttar Pradesh court blasts were carried out they had sent out a mail for the first time.

In all these mails they have cited an emotive issue such as the Babri demolition or the Gujarat riots. In the other mails they have cited that innocent youth have been arrested and also they have spoken about the Kashmir problem. These are all very emotive issues and the IM always looked to justify its actions by acting as the saviours of its community members.

However there is a different pattern in this mail. The fact that it came from the Gulf which is quite a strong hold of the IM leads investigators to believe that it could be them behind this mail. However this time around the IM has been very careful not to identify itself and stayed away from sending any mails claiming responsibility for the attack. Hence it appears that they have used yet another very emotive issue to justify the blasts. However this time around it is not so much about justifying the attack, but the intention was to put investigators on a different track altogether.

Investigators also do not rule out the possibility of this just being another prank mail to put the Telangana agitation in bad light. If one looks at the name (withheld) on the mail sent from a Yahoo account it is clear that it bears the name of a person from Coastal Andhra Pradesh who have been opposing the formation of a separate state. All angles are open, but we are not reading too much into it although we do find the need to track the exact source of the email, investigators also pointed out.