Bengaluru has been reliable partner of the world where IT sector is concerned: Ashwathnarayan

ashwathnarayanBengaluru, Apr 16: Karnataka’s Deputy Chief Minister, C N Ashwathnarayan spoke about the road map in which the IT sector in the state would function.

When asked about how the IT sector would function without public transport, he said that private vehicles would be allowed. Employees can be transported in contract buses as well. He, however, added that only 40 to 50 per cent persons would be allowed in these buses. He also added that if the capacity of the bus is 50 passengers, then only 20 would be allowed in it.

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Rahul’s 2000 billboards vs Modi’s 3 pamphlets

Pic: Karavalitimes
Pic: Karavalitimes

The Karntaka Congress is all set to spend Rs 15000 and Rs 500000 per billboard in Bangalore which will feature Rahul Gandhi on it. The Congress has already booked 1500 billboards across the city and will add another 500 more in the coming week taking the tally of Rahul Gandhi billboards upto 2000.

Congress sources tell that this is a way of conveying the message and the theme on each of these billboard will be Power in Every Hand. Moreover the Congress is also trying to popularise Rahul Gandhi and his message as they feel this is the best way to edge out Narendra Modi who is the most popular figure in Bangalore today. If they take the social media route to popularise Modi, we have decided to go right into the hearts of the people and display Rahul Gandhi and his message in every nook and corner in Bangalore, the Congress leader also informed. The BJP on the other hand has decided not to get into this billboard war and calls its an act of desperation. We will print three pamphlets and distribute it in Bangalore. It would list Narendra Modi’s life, his development and the 100 scams by the UPA says R Ashok senior BJP leader and former Home Minister of Karnataka. This will convey the message louder than the billboards, he points out.

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