ISIS threatens Shri Shri Ravishankar says AOL note


 Beware if Shri Shri Ravi Shankar sets foot in Malaysia or any Muslim nation there will be dire consequences. He is meddling in Iran and Iraq. If this does not stop then the consequences will be dire read a message from the dreaded ISIS.

 According to a press release issued by the Art of Living, three threat letters were received threatening Shri Shri Ravishankar with dire consequences.

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Save AAP @ AoL

‎Looks like the Aam Admi Party is heading for a major split. There are today 55 members of the Aam Admi Party who have come under the banner of Save AAP to ensure that the party gets back to its original agenda and not fade out like its doing today.
The venue where they have decided to commence their Save AAP campaign is surprising. They gathered at the Art of Living in Bangalore and urged on Shri Shri Ravi Shankar to save the party and also drill some sense into the party leadership in New Delhi. This move which has orchestrated by expelled AAP member Ashwin‎I Upadhyaya is being seen as a move by the RSS to split the party. A member of the AAP in Bangalore told, why else would they gather at the Art of Living?

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Pakistan Art of Living attacked!


The Art of Living centre at Islamabad was attacked late Saturday night. 15 gun men entered the ashram and set it on fire according to the Art of Living centre spokesperson.

After entering the premises, the gun men allegedly tied up the security guards and set the ashram on fire. Barring loss of property no casualty to human life has been reported.

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Yeddy bunks Natl. Exec- Joins Art of Living

He finds various ways to stay away from important BJP events such as the National Executive Meeting. B S Yeddyurappa, the former Chief Minister of Karnataka has enrolled himself for a three day course at the Art of Living Foundation in Bangalore.

This effectively means that he will not be attending the National Executive Meeting of the BJP which is underway.

His close aides told that Yeddyurappa wanted to take a break and hence enrolled himself for a course at the Art of Living.  He will practise the Sudarshan Kriya over there and will remain in the ashram at Bangalore till Friday.

Yeddyurappa has been sulking for the past couple of days over not being made the president of the party in Karnataka. He has also been very upset after the party removed his key aides from key positions. He had made a noise after his closest aide Dhananjay Kumar was removed from the post of party spokesperson. Moreover he has been telling K S Eshwarappa to resign from the post of state president as he cannot hold two portfolios the other being the Deputy Chief Minister. Yesterday too he had openly told Jagadish Shettar the chief minister of Karnataka to remove all his loyalists from key positions.

Yeddyurappa has played it safe this time around. He had always wanted to boycott the national executive meeting as a mark of protest. However if he had done that openly then he ran the risk of being suspended from the party. Hence he decided to enrol himself with the art of living foundation at Bangalore as he felt that this would save him from a suspension.

1.5 lac meditate for peace


A record 1.5 lakh Argentines meditated against violence to create a stress free world at Buenos Aires in a programme conducted by the Art of Living.
Led by Spiritual Guru Shri Ravishankar, the meditation was also joined by thousands from 300 cities across. Sri Ravishankar addressed the crowd in Spanish, ‎​”Life is so short, there is not enough time to love yet people are occupied in conflicts. We are fortunate to know how to get rid of stress.” The audience responded with a huge cheer and applause when asked by the spiritual leader if they would join in to create a beautiful world.
People from all backgrounds and age groups came together to meditate. Urging the crowd to cultivate a sense of belongingness, he added, “We need to educate ourselves in peace, love, integrity, honesty. It cannot happen if the mind is stressed and the intellect is filled with prejudice. The world needs upliftment and with meditation we would be able to do that.”
He then led the gathering into a meditation. This was followed by a scintillating Yoga Rave performance where everyone chanted Indian bhajans like ‘Ganesh Sharanam’, ‘Hari Narayan’ ‘Jai Jai Shiva Shanbho’, etc. This was performed by Nicolás Pucci and Rodrigo Bustus from the ‘So What’ band who, inspired by Sri Sri, have created music blending the vibrations of old Sanskrit mantras with electronic music.
Various young leaders who have done remarkable work in the prisons and slums of Argentina were also felicitated.
The Art of living founder was on a five-day visit to Argentina which began on Sept 5, 2012. During his tour, he visited the San Martín Prison where a prisoner told him, “Thank you for what you have done for us. Although we are here, we still feel free. You gave us back the desire to live.”‪ Over 5200 prisoners have taken the organization’s rehabilitation programs which reduces violence and aggression.
In Cordoba, thousands braved the rain and the chilly weather and gathered to hear the spiritual master. Here, the General Consul of India, Dr Sergio Lais named Sri Sri as the Custodian of the World Peace. ‬At the Siglo 21 University, the largest private university, he told the youth, “I hope to take to the East the good from the West and vice versa and make a better world. We are in a globalized world and our youth deserve more than a partial vision.”
He also walked the streets of Buenos Aires ending in the slum Villa 31, the largest shanty town, to talk to school teachers, ex-addicts and alcoholics. They thanked him for the transformation in their lives brought about by the programs since the last 15 years. Many youth from the streets, leading a life of crime have been reformed.
At another event, he was welcomed by business leaders, CEOs, Directors and Presidents of the most renowned Corporations along with Luis Moreno Ocampo, former prosecutor of the International Court in Le Hague where he addressed them on ‘Ethics and Business’.

Diggys dig at Blore

Digvijay Singh is at it again and this time in Bangalore. He made an open request to Shri Ravishankar of the Art of Living foundation not to get involved with the RSS.
Singh who is the General Secretary of the Congress was in Bangalore to meet with his grandson. On his arrival he spoke with reporters at the airport where he took several digs at the RSS.
He said that the RSS was involved in terror activities and in a bid to avoid being exposed they brought in various spiritual leaders to protect themselves. First they roped in Baba Ramdev to create an issue and when he was exposed they dumped him.
Once the Ramdev episode was over they roped in Anna Hazare to divert from the key issue. Now that the Anna issue is over they are seeking the services of Shri Ravishankar. I respect him and Anna a lot and would hope they did not involve themselves with the RSS which is trying to cover up its own activities.

“Unaware of Ramdev-RSS link”

Baba Ramdev breaks his fast , Sri Sri Ravishankar, on his right, offers a glass of juice. Photo courtesy: Gulfnews
First Anna Hazare and the Baba Ramdev. A fast appears to be an effective way of getting the government to do things.The Events surrounding the Baba Ramdev fast involved a lot of contreversy and one cannot forget the crackdown of his supporters by the Union Government.
Shri Shri Ravishankar has been vocal about these movements and he even managed to convince Baba Ramdev to call off his fast. The Art of Living founder says in this interview that he does support the cause but would never support anybody who resorts to violence. Shri Shri Ravishankar also says that he is unaware whether the RSS is behind the Baba Ramdev movement.

Baba Ramdev had spoken of starting an army of his own. Do you subscribe to that view.

Absolutely not. I will not support anybody taking any form of violence or law into their own hands

There is talk of the RSS being behind the Ramdev movement. Your views on this.

I do not know. I have never gone to their fast or their program. I am not in touch with them on that issue so I cannot comment.

Could you suggest methods through which citizens can raise their voice in protest or is hunger strike the only way.

There are many ways to protest. People can protest and hold dharnas. Hunger strike is one aspect that will work when people at the helm of affairs are sensitive. Ballot is another way to protest. I feel that all protests should be non-violent and non-instigative. They should be done without hatred or vengeance.

Do you think the country is going through a change and people becoming more impatient?

Change is the constant thing that keeps happening. You cannot categorize a country of 1.2 billion with one sort of emotion. There are people of various emotions, attitudes and tendencies.

Do you think that both Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev have political ambitions?

I am not here to comment on their ambitions. You have to ask them about that. As far as I am concerned, everyone should join hands together and see that the country is out of this rut it is facing.

What plans does art of living have in future to fight issues such as these?

The Art of Living supported Anna Hazare from day one and it will continue to support any movement which is progressive and non-violent. Art of Living will support any organisation which fights for a just cause. We are engaged in educating and reforming the people.
Art of Living works at three levels:
Creating awareness among the civil society in satsangs where millions of people attend, we take a vow not to support or indulge in corruption.

Our youth volunteers approach the government officials and put a sticker on their tables saying’ I will not take bribe’. This is on the bureaucratic level.

Through its programs, The Art of Living creates a sense of belongingness and basically works on changing mindsets of people, reforming them in the prisons, at workplace, schools and colleges. It is stress, narrow mindedness and lack of vision about life that makes one go into criminal activity. The Art of Living is engaged in creating a sense of security and transforming the way people look at life.
In all these ways, we contribute for bringing the much needed change in society. At the same time, we are also actively engaged in educating people against corruption and its prevention. The Art of Living also does not hesitate to join other movements who stand up against or fight corruption. We believe more in reform and education rather than in fighting.

Do you think that all our leaders should undergo a course at the art of living. Will such an exercise change their perspective towards our country?

Certainly! It has benefited millions to change their mindsets and their lifestyles. Definitely, our politicians and bureaucrats also need this.

What is the spiritual road our netas should take in order to be better leaders and also non corrupt?

They should do satsangs like Mahatma Gandhi did every day.
They should feel themselves as servants of people rather than as somebody big trying to rule and control the people.
Lead a simple lifestyle with one vision of giving a better future and a better nation to the coming generations.