Will Ambareesh’s exit be BJP’s X-factor in the Mandya region?

ambareeshThe old war horse from Mandya has said that he would not be contesting the elections. While he cited health reasons for his decision, sources say that he was upset with Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and hence decided to stay away from the battle.

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Why Ambareesh matters and Congress gives in to his tantrums

xambareesh-Actor-politician, Ambareesh has been playing hard ball. Despite all the tantrums thrown by him, the Congress is still in no mood to let go of him. He has been given a ticket from Mandya, but he is yet to file his nomination papers.

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Why is rebel star Ambareesh rebelling?


Rebel star Ambareesh has been given a ticket to contest from Mandya, but is he is not happy. He has been sulking ever since the election process has been set into motion and has several demands before he agrees to file his nomination papers.

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In Mandya, more theatrics than politics


The battle in Mandya is turning out to be an interesting one. In fact, it has all the theatrics required with rebel star Ambareesh keeping all guessing. At first, he had indicated that he would not be contesting the elections owing to health reasons.

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Ramya’s inclusion into Karnataka ministry will worsen crisis: Congress sources

amramBengaluru, June 23: There appears to be no respite for Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah following the reshuffle of his cabinet.
He had dropped 14 and inducted 13 into his ministry.
With the rebellion increasing on one hand, Siddaramaiah has his task cut out. However the other big question is will he fill up the one vacant ministry and if he does who would it be.

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Cong rebellion- SMK makes it a threesome now

The Congress has been hit by rebellion in Karnataka and even as one watches the campaign, it becomes clear that there is a three way split in the party. The Congress high command has kept everyone in suspense as to who the Chief Minister would be in case it wins Karnataka and this even led Narendra Modi to mock them by saying, “ how much will you show us the hand, show us the face now.”

Earlier it was a direct fight between the Congress chief, G Parameshwar and opposition leader, Siddaramaiah. Today the Congress has one more entity and that is former Chief Minister, S M Krishna who has sulked, complained but continues to campaign while claiming that he can make a difference in 27 constituencies in Karnataka. Continue reading “Cong rebellion- SMK makes it a threesome now”

A double 0 and the Pak foreign office mess

Hina Rabbani Khar. Photo courtesy: Pravasitoday.com

In his wildest of dreams this man did not expect that adding a double zero while making call would reach the cell phone of none other than Hina Rabbani Khar, the Pakistan foreign minister.
Although a section of the media has been reporting that he had indulged in lewd talk with the Pakistan foreign minister, police say that it was nothing more than a missed call which again was a mistake. The call records and all other details have been checked and the call even did not get connected.
This is an incident which took place two months back when Ambareesh was playing with his phone. He had tried dialing a number and accidentally added a double zero which mad it an international call. To his bad luck the number too belonged to the Pakistan foreign minister. The moment the call was made the Intelligence Bureau tracked the same. To make matters worse for him, there was a general inquiry from the Pakistan foreign office which tipped India off. Pakistan also sought an inquiry regarding the number and the person who had made this call.
Following this incident, the IB tipped the Home Ministry off and then in turn the Delhi Special team was asked to look into this matter at first. The matter was then passed on the Karnataka police and along with the IB they probed into the matter. The case was taken very seriously at first considering that the call went from Raichur which is a very sensitive area. It is alleged that there are several terrorist modules in this place and has constantly been under the IB radar.
For Ambareesh it was nothing short of a shock. He had no idea what was happening. A tutor at an exam coaching institute, he denied even attempting such a call leave alone passing remarks against the Pakistan foreign minister. He had blamed some pranksters and said that they could have used the phone.
Initially when the matter was reported it was claimed that he had spoken to Hina Rabbani for nearly 15 minutes and abused her. However investigations revealed that it was just a missed call and had happened by mistake. It was an honest mistake the investigators pointed out. Even the local police who were part of this investigation informed that there was no wrong doing on his part. He appears to be a novice with the cell phone and the mistake committed was a genuine one. Moreover the message from Pakistan on this issue too was a subtle one. They have not said anywhere that she was threatened or abused. It was a procedural information regarding an unknown Indian number which landed on the cell phone of their foreign minister.
Although he has been given a clean chit by the police, there is still a watch on him by the IB. He has been asked not to leave his area of residence without prior information. However this is just mandatory procedure until the air is completely cleared in this case, the police informed.