Time for India to be self-reliant without being xenophobic: Amar Bhushan

amar-bhushanNew Delhi, June 22: With a heavy troop build up on both sides, the question is will India and China go to war.

The possibility of a war is remote former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan tells OneIndia.

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Need to strengthen build up on our side, invest in defence more to beat Chinese:Former R&AW official

army-mountainsNew Delhi, June 20: India has maintained amidst the stand off with China that it will do anything to defend its territorial integrity. In the current scenario, the question is what should India do to overcome the existing crisis at the Galwan Valley.

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Grit of Shaheen Bagh dadis directly linked to funding from Pakistan

shaheen-bagh-dadis-mnThe chatter that has been picked up suggests that a handler in Pakistan is cursing one of the organisers in India about the lack of crowds. According to former Research and Analysis Wing officer, Amar Bhushan, one cannot negotiate with a mob. Bhushan told MyNation that no amount of coaxing is going to work as these are a highly radicalised bunch of people.

Bengaluru: There was always a suspicion, but now there is a confirmation with respect to the Pakistan link to the ongoing protests in India against the newly amended citizenship law.

The Intelligence agencies have pieced together evidence of the Pakistan link to the protests based on the chatter that has been picked up. There has been plenty of chatter for the past couple of months and these have been very specific to the protests.

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Shaheen Bagh: Logistically impossible to sit there unless there is an incentive, says former R&AW officer

delhi-bjpFormer special secretary of the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan, in this interview with MyNation, said that he has no doubt that protests at Shaheen Bagh has a deep rooted conspiracy associated with them

Bengaluru: The claim by the Delhi Police that the man arrested for firing in the air at the Shaheen Bagh protest site had joined the Aam Admi Party last year has given the entire episode a new twist.
It has been said on several occasions that the protests are completely stage managed by the Opposition and the radicals. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too had made it amply clear that Shaheen Bagh was a laboratory for the political groups.

Former special secretary of the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan said that he has no doubt that this is a deep rooted conspiracy. In this interview with MyNation, Bhushan said that one must dig deeper and find out who exactly is organising these meaningless protests at Shaheen Bagh.

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Let us not deny it, the illegal immigrants would soon agitate for a Greater Bangladesh

immigrantsWhether involved in criminal activities or looking for livelihood, illegal immigrants will soon be in the fight for a Greater Bangladesh

Illegal immigrants is the hot topic and has blown into a full blown political war. Over the years the agencies in India have painstakingly worked to try and control this problem, but the hypocrisy of the political parties and the lust to use them as vote banks has prevented any major action.

When one speaks about the migration from Bangladesh, it is not a human rights problem. It is a clear attempt to establish a Greater Bangladesh and ensure that the bordering areas are always on the boil.

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Beat it and slice it: Here’s why it’s time for balkanisation of Pakistan

indo-pak-flagsAfter the abrogation of Article 370, is it the right time for balkanisation of Pakistan? And how does India benefit?

It goes without saying that Pakistan has over the years earned the notorious reputation of being the world’s largest incubator of jihad. The Foreign Policy magazine ranks Pakistan on the top 10 list of failed states.

With flawed boundaries and an unholy nexus between Islamic extremism and military rule, there is no doubt Pakistan is on a self-destruct mode and verge of a collapse. One of the biggest talking points over the years for Pakistan has been Kashmir. It would not be wrong to say that the country has benefited for long thanks to a weak policy by India, which felt the need to have a more inclusive approach. This meant appeasement of local politicians and worse, the separatists of the Valley.

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J&K: Full normalcy will be restored, when daily needs replace activism

security-kashmirNew Delhi, Aug 21: There is tight security in Jammu and Kashmir. Curbs are being eased gradually on a daily basis and besides a few incidents of violence, nothing major has taken place, since the abrogation of Article 370.

The curbs have come under question and three petitions have also been filed in the Supreme Court. Former officer of the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan tells OneIndia that the curbs were absolutely needed and had it not been imposed passion and anger would have spiralled out of control.

With J&K being a UT, new schemes can reach the people directly: Amar Bhushan

The curbs have come under question and three petitions have also been filed in the Supreme Court. The former officer of the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan tells OneIndia that the curbs were absolutely needed and had it not been imposed passion and anger would have spiralled out of control.

I have dealt with such situations and I know how high the anger and passion can be. It would have been a foolish decision to go ahead with such a decision without the restrictions, Bhushan also adds. Questioning the need for restrictions in the Valley is foolish, he also adds.

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Inside Nepal/ The Walk In: India’s dare-devil operation that got Nepal back on track

New Delhi, July 03: Espionage is a risky business and sources are recruited with great care to minimise the risk of exposure.

It was the year 1989-90 and India was having its fair share of troubles with Nepal. The then King Birendra was refusing to extend the Indo-Nepal friendship treaty and India was having a tough time. India had to get Nepal back on track as the administration over there had become close to the Chinese, had started buying weapons from them. Also worrisome was the fact that Kathmandu had become a happy hunting ground for the ISI, which was using it to shelter and also facilitate the escape of Kashmiri terrorists.

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With Modi back, Pakistan will have no option but to change: Former R&AW official

New Delhi, May 28: With Narendra Modi set for a second term, the focus will be largely on national security and development. One of the key areas where the focus would be on is Pakistan.

During a call with Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, the Indian PM made it clear that if talks are to continue then, action against terrorism is a must.

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