Inside Nepal/ The Walk In: India’s dare-devil operation that got Nepal back on track

New Delhi, July 03: Espionage is a risky business and sources are recruited with great care to minimise the risk of exposure.

It was the year 1989-90 and India was having its fair share of troubles with Nepal. The then King Birendra was refusing to extend the Indo-Nepal friendship treaty and India was having a tough time. India had to get Nepal back on track as the administration over there had become close to the Chinese, had started buying weapons from them. Also worrisome was the fact that Kathmandu had become a happy hunting ground for the ISI, which was using it to shelter and also facilitate the escape of Kashmiri terrorists.

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With Modi back, Pakistan will have no option but to change: Former R&AW official

New Delhi, May 28: With Narendra Modi set for a second term, the focus will be largely on national security and development. One of the key areas where the focus would be on is Pakistan.

During a call with Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, the Indian PM made it clear that if talks are to continue then, action against terrorism is a must.

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Why infiltrations in Bengal grew by 260 per cent

banglaNew Delhi, May 16: The violence in West Bengal has been unprecedented and the developments in the state over the past couple of years has been worrying.

Back in 1992-93, the Research and Analysis Wing undertook an operation in Bangladesh to immobilise targets of the Jamaat-e-Islami. The operation largely dealt with stopping the Jamaat from undertaking a major operation in which involved infiltrating Bangladeshis into India with a motive of creating a Greater East Pakistan.

Lack of free hand aided growth of terror down South: Former R&AW officer

amar-bhushanNew Delhi, May 08: Radicalisation and terror down south has been a major concern. The fact of the matter is that there was always a danger lurking and it is also a fact that the agencies reacted late in this part of the country.

Was it due to the late reactions that let terror and radicalisation flourish in South India. Former officer of the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan says that it is unfair to accuse the agencies of reacting late in South India. Let us put this thing in perspective and the fact is that the agencies never got a free hand to act against radicalisation and terrorism down South, he tells OneIndia.

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The pro-peace era with Pakistan is over: Former R&AW official

New Delhi, Feb 28: Amidst the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, there has been a section that has demanded for talks.

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Security withdrawn, now lodge Separatists in South Indian jails says former R&AW officer

New Delhi, Feb 18: The government has scrapped the security provided to separatists in Jammu and Kashmir. The state administration withdrew the security cover and all other government facilities which were given to Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Abdul Ghani Bhat, Bilal Lone, Hashim Qureshi and Shabir Shah.

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Revenge for Pulwama: Let us begin with the separatists says Amar Bhushan

New Delhi, Feb 15: Following a high-level meeting in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack, the Indian government said that it had withdrawn the most favoured nation status given to Pakistan. With Kashmir witnessing one of the most ghastly attacks, there is considerable pressure under the government to act against Pakistan.

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Urban naxals provide the pipeline for arms, money to reach jungles: Ex- Spl Secy, R&AW

New Delhi, Aug 29: The arrest of five persons alleged to be naxalite sympathisers has led to a major debate.

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The Zero-Cost Mission/ Wily Agent: R&AW’s dare-devil operation Bangladesh operation that saved India

zerocostmissionNew Delhi, July 12: Amar Bhushan, the former special secretary of the Research and Analysis Wing has come up with his second offering. His first book, ‘Escape to no where,’ dealt with a fictionalised account of the Rabinder Singh spy case and how the CIA had facilitated his escape to Florida.

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How Christian missionaries are funding naxals, their urban friends to ‘BREAK INDIA’


It is often said that the West has four wings of the armed forces-The Army, Airforce, Navy and the Church. Several security analysts and officials say that the problem being posed by the Christian missionaries is immense. Like Islamic terrorism which is a more open threat, the threat posed by a large section of missionaries is veiled, but extremely dangerous.

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