Tahir’s goons were firing guns, hurling petrol bombs: Ankit Sharma’s father in FIR

tahir-hussainNew Delhi, Feb 28: The Delhi Police have filed a murder case against Aam Admi Party leader, Tahir Hussain in connection with the killing of Intelligence Bureau official Ankit Sharma.

The case under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code was filed following a complaint by Ankit’s father, Ravinder Sharma.

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Multiple abrasions, deep cuts by sharp objects says Ankit Sharma’s autopsy report

Ankit Sharma

New Delhi, Feb 28: The autopsy report of the martyred Intelligence Bureau official, Ankit Sharma says that the body had multiple abrasion, deep cuts caused by sharp objects.

He was stabbed multiple times, the report also says.

Multiple abrasion, deep cuts by sharp edge objects, the report said. This suggests that Sharma was stabbed multiple times.

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Kejriwal vs Modi: Is it time for AAP to stick its finger in the national pie

modi-kejriwalNew Delhi, Feb 13: Will Arvind Kejriwal be Narendra Modi’s challenger in 2024. There are a good four years away for the next national election, but there is already talk that Kejriwal would be the face of the Opposition in the 2024 elections.

While the AAP would already be nurturing its national ambition, leading psephologist, Dr. Sandeep Shastri feels that Kejriwal should not dip his finger in the national pie now.

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Dynasty to Gandhis, everything failed for Congress as party forfeited deposits in 63 of 66 seats in

modi-gandhi-rahulOnly three Congress candidates could save their deposits. Out of the 70 seats, the Congress contested in 66 constituencies, while leaving four for its ally, the Rashtriya Janata Dal. There has been a consistent dip in the performance of the Congress in Delhi.

New Delhi: The party that ruled Delhi for 15 years, touched a record low, when it not only failed to open its account in the Delhi elections, but lost their deposits in 63 constituencies.

Only three Congress candidates could save their deposits. Out of the 70 seats, the Congress contested in 66 constituencies, while leaving four for its ally, the Rashtriya Janata Dal. What was worse for the Congress is that it managed to bag a vote share of just 4.26% as opposed to the 53.57% and 38.51% bagged by the Aam Admi Party and the BJP respectively.

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Is it time for Aam Admi Party to give it another shot on the national scene

aap12.jpgNew Delhi, Feb 11: A banner outside the Aam Admi Party’s office in Delhi read, join AAP for nation-building. To join the AAP, dial, 9871010101.

The AAP won in the most outstanding fashion in the Delhi elections. However, this banner is an indicator that the AAP has once again started to nurture national ambitions like it had done in 2014. In 2014, the AAP launched the Main Bhi Aam Admi campaign. It had provided a toll-free number for people to either give a missed call or send a message in order to join the party.

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Delhi: Close contests result of straight fights, Congress has become irrelevant: Dr. Shastri

aap-bjpNew Delhi, Feb 11: It is certain that the Aam Admi Party is returning to power in Delhi. Most of the contests have been a close one.

Why have the margins been so close. To explain all of this, OneIndia caught up with leading political scientist, Dr. Sandeep Shastri.

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How Kejriwal’s TINA campaign put AAP ahead of its opponents

kejriwalNew Delhi, Feb 11: The exit polls suggested a third term for the Aam Admi Party. The early leads suggest that the AAP has its nose in the front and if the trends continue this way, then there is no stopping Arvind Kejriwal.

The AAP built its campaign around the TINA factor. This meant, “there is no alternative.” Further from day one Kejriwal challenged the BJP to name its chief ministerial candidate. The BJP went into this election without a CM face, unlike in 2015, when it projected Kiran Bedi as its leader. The result for the BJP was nothing much to talk about.

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And Little Arvind Kejriwal is back

New Delhi, Feb 11: As counting got underway, Fairy, the girl child known as Little Kejriwal was seen outside the office of the Aam Admi Party.

It may be recalled that the child who was dressed up as Little Arvind Kejriwal was present at the 2015 swearing in ceremony of the CM. She was outside the AAP office making a rangoli, which read ‘all the best.’

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Shaheen Bagh: Logistically impossible to sit there unless there is an incentive, says former R&AW officer

delhi-bjpFormer special secretary of the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan, in this interview with MyNation, said that he has no doubt that protests at Shaheen Bagh has a deep rooted conspiracy associated with them

Bengaluru: The claim by the Delhi Police that the man arrested for firing in the air at the Shaheen Bagh protest site had joined the Aam Admi Party last year has given the entire episode a new twist.
It has been said on several occasions that the protests are completely stage managed by the Opposition and the radicals. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too had made it amply clear that Shaheen Bagh was a laboratory for the political groups.

Former special secretary of the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan said that he has no doubt that this is a deep rooted conspiracy. In this interview with MyNation, Bhushan said that one must dig deeper and find out who exactly is organising these meaningless protests at Shaheen Bagh.

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The top three crorepatis in the Delhi elections are AAP candidates

elections-moneyNew Delhi, Feb 01: Out of the 672 candidates analysed, 243 (36%) are crorepatis. In 2015 Delhi Assembly Elections, out of 673 candidates, 230 (34%) were crorepatis.

Among major parties, 55(83%) out of 66 candidates analysed from INC, 51(73%) out of 70 candidates analysed from AAP, 47(70%) out of 67 candidates analysed from BJP, 13 (20%) out of 66 candidates analysed from BSP and 3(60%) out of 5 candidates from NCP, have declared assets worth more than Rs. 1 crore.

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