How this suspected spy faked his nationality with an Aadhaar card

aadhar_1336507fThe arrest of Ehsaan-Hul-Haq a Pakistani spy has revealed that he had managed to stay undercover as an Indian national by obtaining a fake Aadhaar and Pan card.

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Why should a child’s nutritious food be linked to Aadhaar card?

New Delhi, March 7: By making Aadhaar mandatory for children obtaining the midday meal scheme, the government appears to be in a hurry to enroll a particular number of people so as to attain an administrative goal.

It is the right of every child to get nutritious food? We, as tax payers do not mind if some amount goes towards feeding children.

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From Jaish terrorists to Pak mission officers, how do they get Aadhar cards?

new-aadhaar-card-center-in-south-delhiNew Delhi, Oct 27: When Mehmood Akthar the officer in the visa department at the Pakistan High Commission was confronted by the Delhi police, he was quick to display an Aadhar card.
He also claimed that he was a citizen of India. This is the second time that such an incident has occurred in which a Pakistani national has displayed an Aadhar card to the police to prove that he is an Indian national.

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Modi- tried tested and trusted

12847354375_a16474315b_c-750x400He is up against one of the most hyped candidates, Nandan Nilekani from the Bangalore South constituency. While the Congress has termed Nilekani as the giant killer, the man against him Ananth Kumar says that there is no threat at all.

People may be seeking a change, but the change they want is at the centre, Ananth Kumar the five time MP from Bangalore South says.

Nandan Nilekani:

The Congress is not a match. Nandan Nilekani has a lot to take on. There are issues such as corruption in the UPA government, price rise and also unemployment. Nandan is not a threat to me, instead the programme which he heads, Aadhar is a threat to the country. The Aadhar should be done away with as it involves the data of Indian citizens held by some company in the United States of America. This was also rejected by the Supreme Court, but the UPA stubbornly went ahead with it. To be honest, I would not take pride in stating that I was part of the Aadhar programme in fact I would be ashamed of it.

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Nandan’s Aadhar stunt under scanner


Nandan Nilekeni the Bangalore South candidate will have to answer the election commission of India on charges of using the Aadhar data base to promote his campaign. The Karnataka BJP in a complaint to the election commission has stated that Nandan who headed the UID has been sending out campaign material such as pamphlets with his photograph specifically to houses whose members have been issued with an aadhar card.
The BJP asks how he managed to get the details of those issued with aadhar cards. Since he is in charge of the project he has used his position to access the data base of Bangalore south from where he is contesting, the BJP states in its complaint.
Further the BJP questions the need for Nandan to harp on the aadhar issue. Is it is private property or does the scheme belong to the government of India they ask.
The complaint which was filed a while ago will be scrutinised by the election commission following which a notice may be issued.